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Published on Nov 4, 2010

A clean walkthrough of the Original Half-life on Steam without commentary.

This video includes chapters; Anomalous Materials


Gordon Freeman arrives late for work at the Black Mesa Research Facility, using its tram system. He acquires his Hazardous Environment suit (or HEV suit) before proceeding to the test chamber of the Anomalous Materials Lab, to assist in an experiment. He is tasked with pushing a non-standard specimen into the scanning beam of the Anti-Mass Spectrometer for analysis. This creates a catastrophe called a "resonance cascade," opening a portal between Earth and a dimension called Xen. Freeman is sporadically teleported there and catches glimpses of various alien life-forms, including a circle of Vortigaunts, shortly before blacking out.

Freeman awakens in the ruined test chamber and surveys the destroyed lab, strewn with the bodies of scientists and security personnel. Finding survivors, Freeman learns that communication lines to the outside world are completely cut, and is encouraged to head to the surface for help, because of his suit. His journey consists of sidestepping Black Mesa's structural damage and defending himself against hostile aliens suddenly teleporting into the area. Other survivors along the way claim that a rescue team has been dispatched, only to discover that the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit, which has taken control of Black Mesa, is killing both the aliens and the employees there as part of a government cover-up. Freeman fights the Marines before reaching the surface of Black Mesa, where he learns that scientists from the Lambda Complex may have the means to resolve the problems created by the cascade. Gordon travels to the other end of the facility to assist them.

However, Gordon encounters several hurdles throughout the facility, such as reactivating a rocket engine test facility to destroy a giant tentacle creature,using an aging railway system in order to launch a crucial satellite rocket, and fighting a group of Black Ops soldiers, before he is captured by Marines and dumped in a garbage compactor. Gordon escapes safely and makes his way to an older part of the facility where he discovers an extensive collection of specimens collected from Xen, long before the resonance cascade.

Reaching the surface once more, Gordon finds that the area has become a warzone. The alien soldiers are overwhelming the Marines, despite calling for reinforcements. Through scaling the cliffs and navigating destroyed buildings, Gordon reaches safety underground.

The Marines begin to pull out of Black Mesa and airstrikes begin, while Gordon goes through underground water channels and encounters alien soldiers picking off the remaining Marines. Freeman arrives at the Lambda Complex, in which scientists developed the teleportation technology that allowed them to travel to Xen in the first place. He also encounters another group of Black Ops. After meeting the remaining personnel, Gordon is told that the satellite he launched failed to reverse the effects of the resonance cascade because an immensely powerful being on the other side of the rift is keeping it open. Gordon must kill this being to stop the wave of Xen aliens. The scientists activate the teleporter and Gordon is transported to Xen.

At the border world, Gordon encounters many of the alien species that had been brought into Black Mesa, as well as the remains of HEV-wearing researchers that came before him. He fights against Gonarch, a giant headcrab with a huge egg sac, fights his way through an alien camp, and arrives at a huge alien factory, which is creating the Alien Grunt soldiers.After fighting his way through levitating creatures, he finds a giant portal and enters it.

In a vast cave, Gordon confronts the Nihilanth, the creature who was maintaining the rift, and destroys it. As the creature dies, it explodes in a giant green blast which knocks Gordon unconscious. Gordon awakens, stripped of his gear, in the presence of the G-Man, who has been watching over Gordon, appearing at least once in each chapter. The G-Man praises Freeman's actions in the border world. He explains that his "employers", believing that Gordon has "limitless potential", have authorized him to offer Freeman a job. He is also given a choice to refuse, but is told that he will be given a battle where he has "no chance of winning". While this is taking place, the scenery they are standing in warps to various Xen locales, ending in one of the tram cars from the beginning of Freeman's day, flying through space. After accepting, the screen goes black and the G-Man is heard to say, "Wisely done, Mr. Freeman. I will see you up ahead." Players who decline G-Man's offer find themselves unarmed and surrounded by hordes of hostile creatures, as G-man says, "No regrets, Mr. Freeman". New YouTube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/BommyGamer
Thank you all for sticking with me this long.


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