WHERE'S half a trillion dollars, Ben? Grayson hammers Bernanke (07/21/09)





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Uploaded on Jul 22, 2009

Alan Grayson Grills Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on Foreign Lending.

The mission of this channel is to expose the fact that the Fed is the real government of the US which has been bankrupt since 1933.

Alan Grayson Grills Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on Foreign Lending. Fmr Chairman Greenspan says the Fed is "a private agency with no higher authority". Are you beginning to see smell this scam. Amshel Rothschild "Allow me to control the money, I care not who creates the laws." Did you know 90% of Americans from both parties were against the bailouts? It doesn't matter the banksters own the politicians who work for them because THEY ARE THE SOVEREIGN. Imagine if some outside entity had the company checkbook. The outside company would control the company. "The Sovereign creates the money". If you don't create/control the money. You are not sovereign. This is the same for individuals, corporations, and countries. Jesus got violent only one time. It was in the Temple where the "money changers" set a monopoly on money with silver coins. The Bible warns about usury(interest on invented money) 15 times. Does the TV, universities, and talking heads teach this?? No, as they are funded by the same money power. The New World Order is an international, fascist, zionist, central bank dictatorship which rules the politicians, elections, military industrial complex, corporate media, educational systems in most Western countries. Our major wars on both sides are financed by the same money power so they can engineer the 99% slaves to fight EACH OTHER in an endless divide and conquer strategy by 1% owners.

Please SUBSCRIBE to the channel truthbomb1 and get our new videos! Some of our videos are censored so go to our other video channel to go deeper into the control Matrix.

Please watch all the videos on truthbomb1 and subscribe and comment for verification that this is true. The corporate media will not give you the entire story which is very plain to see with a humble open heart. Do you have the courage to take the "red pill" to see how deep the rabbit hole goes? Did you know that in 1933 FDR gave the Federal Reserve the Peoples' gold by executive order. Why the Fed and not the US Treasury? Where in the Constitution is the POTUS permitted to seize private property without due process? Without a vote?

The US has been bankrupt since 1933 and all the Peoples' assets into perpetuity have been pledged as collateral. Since then we have income and property taxes(rents for the tenants on their own land) to be paid to the international creditors. Creditors make all the big decisions when any entity is in bankruptcy. The FED is the creditor who like the IMF repossesses real assets in exchange for invented book entries which are impossible to pay. When usury is added to money creation only the principle is created, not the interest. Therefore the outstanding debt ALWAYS exceeds the money supply. One cannot pay x+y by creating more x. Remember where you learned this and please wake up to the painful truth.

Rockefeller "competition is a sin!" Because of this these globalist central bankers set up the UN, central bank monopolies, media monopolies, and political monopolies. Our elections and political candidates are controlled by the money power. The US is not a free market competition, capitalist nation. It is a fascist nation where governments and multi-national corporations have colluded together to create international monopolies.

Subscribe to this channel truthbomb1 and I will teach REAL REMEDIES to this situation whereby the People can take their power back from the banksters. Gold/silver money IS NOT the answer. More borrowing IS NOT the answer.

Date: 07/21/09



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