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Published on Mar 3, 2008

Mathematical concept of the fourth spatial dimension (this is not about time as the fourth dimension, aka spacetime).

#1: (1:10) Obviously your room would only exist in a single 3d space. Technically, the room described here is actually 4-dimensional.
#2: (2:30) This is a 2d object (ie, unlike a piece of paper), which means there is no no "front" or "back" - so you can see all the points at once.
#3: (4:31) For this analogy, we are comparing the act of drawing on an ordinary canvas, on both the 3d and 4d worlds. Carving, sculpting and creating 3d models on the computer don't change the fact that humans can not "draw" a real 3d shape by hand on a "flat" surface.
#4: (5:49) The 3d objects and the light source are on different 3d spaces.

Italian captions by persuadersonic.

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im too stupid for this.
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Original SBWL
Gigglyardo I'm sure if you smoke enough meth you might
Nikolaos Soulios
+Gigglyardo Take it slowly mate, hit the pause and repeat, the pace might be too fast in the video...Please don't call yourself that word. Greets, Nick https://soundcloud.com/cebit/cebit-feat-ttesseroid-4d-spatial-dimension-narration/s-GQfiR
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GhostCarbon0911 -
Brain exe. Has stop working
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Felix soul exe
GhostCarbon0911.exe has stoPped working.
sas bet
+Joshua Issac How about contracting a 5 (4+time) dimensional  virtual environment and take a walk in it using Oculus rift or similar technology, perhaps our brain could be trained to see more then 3D environment if doing it long enough .
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A 4d entiy walked into a bar and said to the bartender, I'll have a rum and coke please. But the bartender was so rude, and acted like he wasn't even there.
Jamal l'Friedchicken
He'd have to get to the bar, and move through dimension 4 at a steady pace so the bartender could perceive his 3-dimensional cross section, and ask it something first.
ba dum tschk
Why am I living in the 3rd dimension?! The 4th dimension sounds so cool!
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Evelyn Noname
Lol you dumb? We would go crazy in the fourth dimension because it's terrifying. We couldn't understand what we're seeing. It's not cool. You could die
+CaptainBlackSparrows And equally fascinating is this thing called "light".  Usually it is understood that energy is not a thing in and of itself.  Simplified, energy is the result of something; it describes something.  We see sunlight as a result of the interaction of material that makes-up the sun.  Energy and matter being interchangeable or the same thing hints that matter may be more than particles with mass.
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I wonder why we try to draw the 4th dimension on a 2D perspective. It only becomes a shadow. 4D should be drawn in 3D. Which is still difficult to comprehend.
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Itiel López
Besides, we would always end up seeing only a 2d perspective of what we were watching, so, why bother
The Timelords
a 4D shape in 3D is a hypercube, which is a 4D objects shadow in our world. we can recreate them
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Richard Black
"you are now ready to explore more advanced topics" YEAH RIGHT
Konseng Borgohain
my brain.exe has stopped working
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Try turning it off then on
My exe.brain stopped working #amiga
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4d entities may not see humans as the individuals we think we are.  4d would see sum totals of our 3d reality. So here's a basic example: We know the human organism is a combination of numerous things, from cells and tissue as well as being abundant in other organisms such as bacteria and viruses etc.  But we predominantly see and deal with each other as a sum of all of it.  I don't normally think of you in terms of all your organs and bones.  I think of the sum or collective you. 4d entities might do the same thing.  They might see all living 3d organisms the same way we think of our blood cells.  They wouldn't focus on the 3d individual behaviors of us from moment to moment the same way we don't focus on how the heart's valves work while drawing and pumping blood from moment to moment. Ex.  A 4d entity might need a microscope in order to see human organisms. And how about this: Looking at a 4d entity would be like looking at 8 years of something all at once.  (I arbitrarily chose 8 years, it could be any sum of a period of time etc).
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space void
Coroi Radu-Adrian exactly lol
The funny thing is why would the universe or existence stack itself?  Why would existence produce an infinite amount of anything? This is where many of us have known there is serious complication, and it's been most recently described in terms of the significance of the "observer".  Even when we follow an order for dimensions we see that infinite amounts are still part of a common, larger, shared environment. If there is an infinite or any amount of anything, it may only be understood that way because something and/or someone is distinguishing it that way.  Is that our role in all of this?  Is that what any of matter does?
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wes messer
I think we have always overlooked one thing. we are so preocupied by sight we don't realize that with touch we can feel most sides of an object at once and that we may see in 2d but we sense in 3d.
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I passed out after 50 seconds in.
I got to 1:52 beat that high score :P
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