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Uploaded on Dec 12, 2009

This version is just the rap, minus the intro. Hope this makes watching a little more appealing!

The Harry Potter Rap was the fourth in our series of summer movie raps and was recorded at the NewsOK Studios. Thanks to Brandy McDonnell and OPUBCO! More info. at www.twinprov.com.


Hello Potter fans
It's JK Rowling
Just wrote 7 more sequels
OMG JK loling

Wotcher wotcher, Harry Potter yeah
wotcher wotcher, Harry Potter YEAH!

Dark Lord killed my family
rainin' Death from above
Dear Mama made him
Stop in the Name of Love!
(thats how I got my scar)

Number 4 Privet Drive
I was Hidden and smuggled,
lived shoved in a cupboard
Unloved by Muggles

Child abuse is what Im talkin about
Somebody call DHS and rat the Dursleys out.
Now Im the boy who lived, but my life is frightening
at the end of the year I always ends up fighting
some version or minion of You Know Who
plus d12 monsters outta Hagrid's zoo

Daily prophet slams me, everybody stares
I aint straight outta Compton, Im straight out under the stairs

Now just raise your wands in the muggle-lovin' air
And wave'em all around like you just don't cayaare!
Cuz who do you love HARRY POTTER
Yeah who do you love HARRY POTTER


Im Hermione Granger
No stranger to danger
Solving every mystery
that's in Hogwarts: A History

The boys cheat off me
But they say we're buddies
Am I the only one at Hogwarts
who actually studies?

Offscreen Im Emma Watson
Im the hot one
Used to be the ugly duckling

RON: Now shes legal and Rockin
(Hermione:) Ronald Bilius Weasley!

Got the marauder's map
And the invisible hood
"I solemnly swear I am up to no good"

In the village of Hogsmeade
Slammin back butterbeer
We be gettin crunk here
Ever since we were years

I like Hermione
I like you too
wanna snog with me?
No you got swine flu!

Cedric got killed
in the Goblet of Fire
One bite by Twilight
He comes back a Vampire

Oh Edward's dreamy...

Now just raise your wands in the muggle-lovin' air
And wave'em all around like you just don't cayaare!
Who do you love HARRY POTTER
Yeah who do you love HARRY POTTER


Fred and George Weasley, our smiles are the cheesiest
Of all the Weasley's we two's the weasliest

We're jokers not slackers apparating's a cinch
Remember the three D's and you won't get splinched!
Destination, Determination, Deliberation Hey Yo!

Now open for bizness
We make your party hop
At weasleys wizard wheezes
Where the beats dont stop

Get seen on the scene in Diagon Alley
Won't be on Google maps or RandMcNally
Take all da gold ya got that's in Gringots
Get a Leaky Cauldron drinky and some Bernie Bott's

This one is the flava of my true love's kiss
That one is the flava of dragon's .... (spit take)
That's disgusting! Who would eat that?


I would...
I'm Voldemort kids, don't mess with my crew
Ill get you Harry and your little OWL too!
Tom Marvalo Riddles the name that I got stuck with
Just call me he who must not be (SILENCIO!)

I like you I thrill you with Unforgettable verses
I hate you I kill you with unforgivable curses
My souls in pieces youll never catch ol Tom
Wheres the last horcrux? Two words: Your mom!

Forget Tha other baddies cuz Im the true killer
Im the chillin like a villain just like Michael in Thriller:


Whos bad?


I'm Albus master caster
draw your wand I draw faster
I rock the mic like a natural disaster

Chief of the Wizengamot, Order of Merlin
Dueled down Grindelwald, wand's still twirlin

Call that a Dark Mark?
Looks like sharpie marker
the mole on my butt is
like two shades darker

Magic I love, its my one obsession
But it's time for Dumbledore to make a confession

Im coming out - For so long Ive feared it
Im coming out - but it's time for you to hear it
Im coming out- Wanna live a life without regrets
So Im coming out / Im coming out
Im coming out of the closet of secrets!

Now just raise your wands in the muggle-lovin' air
And wave'em all around like you just don't cayaare!
Who do we love HARRY POTTER
Who do we love HARRY POTTER
Who do you love HARRY POTTER
Cuz who do we love...

Do you believe in magic...I believe

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