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Published on Jul 5, 2017

This Third Secret of Fatima documentary investigates Russia’s secret weapon and unveils the testimonies and evidence that the Third Secret of Fatima foretells this weapon’s key role in the coming chastisement and the prophesied annihilation of nations. This prophecy has tremendous implications and ramifications which this Third Secret documentary will explore and expound fully: ramifications that will affect everyone. This is one of the very first documentaries to explore this part of the prophecy at this level of depth and this level of quality production level.

This video is the same as the original documentary but with the background music removed. The version with music is here: http://y2u.be/PXM834UohiM

What’s in this video:

Suzanne Pearson talks about how “there is something in the Third Secret that has never been guessed yet by anyone trying to predict it”: a weapon Russia can use based on a newly discovered form of energy that can kill billions (likely based on Nikola Tesla technology) (00:15)

A clip from Vladimir Putin’s full warning speech where he warns and reveals that Russia has developed a “new weapon” that renders NATO’s anti-missile defense system “entirely pointless” (00:53).

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a high-ranking Russian diplomat, spills the beans on Russia’s scalar weaponry on Georgian TV (possibly to the chagrin of the Russian military and Secret Service) (01:40).

Fr. Gruner on Pope John Paul II’s words admitting that the real Third Secret of Fatima predicts oceans flooding whole areas of the earth and millions of people perishing from one moment to the next which is exactly what Vladimir Zhirinovsky threatened (03:26).

The best clips from the documentary “Third Secret of Fatima Theory 2017: The tip of the spear as a flame” by Frieza2000XTC (05:52). These clips walk you through the best evidence based on testimonies, official documentation, leaks, and keen insights for why the recent publication in August 2014 of Sr. Lucy’s previously unpublished vision of the chastisement narrows down the possibilities of the chastisement substantially and points very clearly and squarely to this most probable scenario: “That initiating or during a war with Russia, someone will fire a weapon powered by a new source of energy that will, through Russia’s instrumentality, cause global earthquakes strong enough to level mountains, triggering global tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and massive windstorms that will kill at least 600 million people, also resulting in continents breaking off and island-nations sinking into the ocean being annihilated, possibly resulting in changes to the earth’s axis and rotational velocity, billions more dying in the aftermath from volcanic ash and gases, nuclear meltdowns, toxic chemical spills, starvation, disease, and eventually chronic degenerative disorders from the environmental toxins.” View his full video here: http://y2u.be/AR2jC8N4IEM

Suzanne Pearson talks about Nikola Tesla and his publicly suppressed, undisclosed research that made its way to the Soviet Union; scalar energy and scalar waves; Russia’s electromagnetic weaponry research (which seems to be far ahead of the United States); Fr. Malachi Martin’s testimony on these things; and Fr. Malachi’s startling statement: “Remember: when these [convulsions of nature and catastrophes on land, water, and atmosphere] begin to happen, it is NOT nature and it is NOT God” (44:43). About how these will be caused by man manipulating nature and using nature itself as a weapon.

A discussion of Fr. Malachi Martin’s assertion about the Third Secret: “Whole sections of the earth will be washed away forever, whole nations will perish, whole nations will lose the Faith, natural catastrophes that the world has never seen before will level humanity.”

About how at every point of the fulfillment of the Fatima prophecies and the implied geopolitical change, Russia will be the trigger that advances the process. How Russia is its womb, focal point, and the main agent of change (51:34, 57:58). About Pope John Paul II’s admittance that his papal predecessors diplomatically postponed publication of the Third Secret so as not to encourage the world power of Communism to make certain moves (because the Secret is so explicit on this new form of weaponry and the vulnerability of the West). About how Russia leads the world in the development of scalar energy and Nikita Khruschev’s public admittance in 1960 that Russia had developed “a fantastic new weapon so powerful that it could wipe out all life on Earth if used without restraint” (54:12).

The full warning speech of President Vladimir Putin given in 2016 and 2007 where he discusses the contemporary arms race between the United States and Russia (1:04:56). Towards the end of his speech, he talks about a “new weapon” that Russia has developed over the years that renders NATO’s anti-missile defense system “entirely pointless” and that is far cheaper.

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