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Published on Oct 7, 2009

My first chapter of my first story! Enjoy:

Miley's first day at her new college:

Miley: *Walks inside looking at a map as she feels a tap on her shoulder; Looks up*
Um, can I help you?
Demi: Yeah, are you Miley Cyrus?
Miley: Yes....
Demi: I'm supposed to let you be my shadow! *Grabs her wrist* Come on!

*15 Minutes Later*
Demi: And this is the second to last room, Mr. Jonas. But I call him Joe.
Miley: *Checking him out* Eh, he's kinda hot, Seen hotter.
Demi: He fucks all of his female students.
Miley: Me likey!
Demi: *Rolls her eyes* Figures you would. *Sees Nick pass my* Mr. Jonas!
Miley: There's two Mr. Jonas's?
Demi: Brothers. Joe's 25 and Nick's 23.
Miley: There's a 23 year old proffesor?
Demi: *Nods* Their older brother is like the head of the college so he pulled a few strings.
Nick: *Walks over* Good morning Ms. Lovato. And this is?
Miley: *Bites her lip as she looks him up and down* Miley Cyrus. *Shakes his hand*
Nick: Nice to meet you Miley. *Turns to Demi* We have class in 5 minutes, so I'll see you then. Have a good morning ladies. *Walks away*
Miley: *Watching him walk away* DAMN! Now that's one fine piese of meat!
Demi: *Pats her back* He hasn't touched one of his students and never will. Stick to Joe.
Miley: Joe's hot and all, but I want that guys dick up my pussy. *Shivers thinking abou it*
Demi: You're never gonna get him. Face it.
Miley: Not if I have anything to do about it.
Demi: *Looks at her watch* I gotta go.. You okay walking around alone?
Miley: *Nods and walks away but bumps into someone* Sorry...
Joe: No problem... Are you new here? I'm Mr. Jonas. Or, Joe.
Miley: *Bites her lip* Miley Cyrus.
Joe: Shouldn't you be off to class by now?
Miley: Mr- Joe, I'm 20, I know where to be. *Presses her finger against his chest* I want you.
Joe: *Feels his boner press against her leg and looks down at his watch* We have 7 minutes...
Miley: I'll give you a crazy orgasim in 3.
Joe: *Grabs her by her wrist and throws her into a closet; Pulls his Polo off with his belt and jeans*
Miley: *Pulls her dress off and pulls his boxers down* Shove your dick as far up my pussy as you can.
Joe: *Pulls off her bra and underwear* No. First, you give me some head. *Grabs her by her hair and pushes her down to his penis*

To be Continued....


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