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Real JINN Caught on Camera





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Published on Sep 7, 2009

this video came from first source of busines's security camera in Rahat - palstine. we get the mobile phone and pictured it directly from the security camera's screen. at the houre 3am..

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Whatever it is, it looks drunk. Maybe the jinn had a little too much gin?
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Leila Belacel
no seriously that's the jinn Iv seen jinn before
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Lazer-Moon Centaur
Jinn have great powers? They might want to think about more efficient form of transport; not exactly exuding power crawling around like a hobo.
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Khalifah Salisu
+Mmsok Ggg Most, yes, were weak, but some actually were powerful. They could travel over great distances in a matter of seconds. Ifrit, are huge strong jinn, but the story of sulayman speaks of one more powerful and faster
Anti donkey missle
+Khalfani Salisu They're weaker than you think and they are more afraid from you than you're afraid of them and they're not smart like humans. They even can't recognize a dead body from a living man sulayman has died and they thought he was alive for one year and they kept building the temple and it took years of building before that mean they are not that strong . Anceint egyptians bulit the pyramids in 4 months only Jinn took years to build something less
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Alina Danilchenko
If you look very closely toward the end of the video, the way the legs move very weirdly, like flapping around almost, a human would not be able to move its legs in that way. Very disturbing the way the feet drag/flap in this one.
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Q Turk Q
definitely some middle eastern country with their lousy man made lamp post where in the states we have wooden they use steel rods
pratik parab
+Habeeb salem " faith" has no religion.
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Irene Torres
It's a disabled person who can't afford a wheelchair. They have to get around like this because the local community rather dismiss their crippled people as Jinns then help them financially.
I believe in jinn 100% but i think this is fake 
Zainal Abidin Imam syafii
i tink so..
I believe that this guy in the video, is 100% drunk.
Issam yaya
Trust the Quran people
Shall I enlighten you stone aged people who deny evolution and worship Gods that you seem to think want you all to slaughter eachother? It is clearly some poor woman infected with Polio virus from living in the filth and squalor you will never escape because you simply cannot behave like normal human beings. No offence intended I am just saying it as I see it.
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teddy mweu - so stop blaspheming, its punishable by death ie : islam cannot stand up to investigation or criticism, so it kills - pretending that it's doing god's work disgusting
Ahmed Muslim
And what's your point you are trying to make
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this just looks like someone who had a little too much to drink.
Chris Belt
ya i agree
Ekraam Salaam
its funny How these guys praise God then murder innocent people. Im talking about Christians, Muslims & Jews. They are gangs. All of them have serious issues with anyone who deny them. Did God want us to kill each other or Love each other?
+zeiza Ze There are a good majority of criminals such as rapists and murders as you said that are religious. Look in prisons. I have come across multiple inmates that have said god had told them to kill a person. I work in corrections and see this all of the time. Some inmates even have group praying sessions where they read from the scripture. Im not trying to be rude or anything but anyone can be a rapist or murderer religion has nothing to do with it.
YouMadeMeDo It
We are all human that's the main thing we should unite, that's all we gotta do is stop being assholes to Eachother it's simple
Le Juste Milieu !!!
C'est chelou!
Le Juste Milieu !!!
+Jessie J. Salut à toi ! 
Jessie Jessie
Oui, très étrange, bonjour mon ami
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