How to Make Cream Pan -Japanese Sweet Custard Cream Bread クリームパン





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Published on Jun 15, 2012

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Cream Pan♧クリームパン

160ml milk 牛乳 30-35c 30-35度
1.5 tsp instant yeasts ドライイースト 小さじ1.5
20g= 0.7oz. sugar 砂糖
250g Strong Flour 強力粉
20g= 0.7oz. sugar 砂糖
pinch of salt 塩少々
20g= 0.7oz. melt butter 溶かしバター
1 Egg yolk 卵黄 1つ
1tbs water お水大さじ1

Custard Cream♧カスタードクリーム


1 whole egg 全卵1つ
20g = 0.7oz. sugar 砂糖
20g = 0.7oz. condensed milk 練乳 20g
2 tsp corn starch コーンスターチ小さじ2
200ml milk 牛乳
a little bit of vanilla essence or paste

1. Microwave Milk for 40 sec; heat milk at 30-40C (86-104F); Should not be too low nor high because we need to activate the yeasts from some growing to do! lol
2. Add instant yeasts in 1; as well as 20g=0.7oz. of sugar; mix well and leave for 5-10 until the yeasts get active and foamy on surface
3. In a large bowl, sift flour, sugar and salt together; add melt butter and 2.
4. Combine it all together using a spatula; and gather the dough into a ball with clean hands;
5. Transfer the dough on to a clean surface with a sprinkle of strong flour; Press down and away from you firmly but lightly with the heels of your hands. Turn dough 1/4 turn and repeat process. Knead as long as the recipe calls for, until the dough is smooth and feels springy and elastic.Transfer the dough into a bowl;
6. Prepare hot water about 65C=149F in a medium bowl; place 5 on top of it and cover with saran-wrap. The idea is to create a vinyl house for the dough at 30C=86F and leave the dough for 30 min to let it raise. The size should become 150% or double.
7. Finger the center of the dough to see if it leaks any air. If it doesn't then leave for another 10 min for raising. If does then punch down dough again; and form into a round shape in order to cut into 8 pieces using a knife.
8. Shape each piece into a round ball, press down to flatten it, and put custard cream in the center; seal it gently and form into a shape that you like. I made into a round shape. Place each pieces into a deep flying pan; cover with a wet cooking paper and saran-wrap and leave for 20 min over hot water (65C=149F) for the second raise.
9. Mix egg yolk and water together and coat it over the surface of the dough before baking at preheated oven of 200C=392F for 10-12 min. The surface should be a little crispy but very soft inside.
Cool off rack and serve while fresh. Once heat is unnoticeable off bread, you can put the buns in a plastic bag or zip-lock bag and store at room temperature (or fridge) for a few days. Enjoy!

For direction of the custard cream and Japanese recipe, pls check the HP at http://www.kumigar-tv.com. Thanks!


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