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Published on Mar 14, 2012

I would like to figure out the mystery behind Music Disc #11 on Minecraft. We can figure it with a lot of peoples help. Hit the "Like" button, it helps spread the video around. Also share the video on Facebook/Twitter/Everywhere.

Here are the comments with the best analysis:

eddog6666: Someone finds a mysterious block in the desert, something happens, they run. someone opens a book and write something down and then runs out of a desert cave onto grasslands.
yes there is a Mysterious Sandstone Block. It has pictures like the anicent eygptions did. and the final sound is a new mob that has yet to be added.


oskater123: The recording seems to be of a person running across different block types and later on, stopping to supposedly use equipment of some kind, cough, and then continue running with a hastened pace. Sounds similar to that of running on Dirt, Stone, the person struggling, and Haunting background noises are heard throughout the recording. Strange noises of barking or wind blowing are heard near the end before abruptly stopping. One can hear static noise akin to what would be expected of a broken record after this point before ending. It has been suggested by the community that the person was being chased by an Enderman, a Wolf or even the dreaded Herobrine. It is the only disc that can not be obtained in Survival.


robbyownsyou999: It's is a hobo who stole a donut from a cop and the cop chases him into a tunnel Where the hobo looses him for enough time to eat the donut. Then the cop finds him and the hobo runs into gravel and trys to dig his way out but the cop shoots him before he can escape

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Midnight The Kitten
What I think happened Steve sees a Enderman, he doesn't know what it is, so he runs. He runs in a cave, breathing heavily. He tries to light Flint/Steel He steps back one step, and lights Flint/Steel He coughs because of the smoke from the lit Flint/Steel An EnderMan walks up behind him and makes a sound. He looks in his Enchanting Table Book. He breaths heavily, he's scared, of an EnderMan I think. He lights his Flint/Steel again, for light. He looks behind him, and sees an EnderMan, he runs. It chases him. He is running on dirt in the cave. The Enderman kills him. And don't say "Blah blah herobrin iz rel bleh bleh bleh" Okay? I don't think he's real, and you can't change that. Like my Comment if you agree with me on what happened.
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TheCool Dog
Who's watching this in 2017
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The Golden Pegasus
Ok Steve is out mining and he mines a few blocks. He lights a fire for light, and immediately its put back out after he hears an enderman. Than he hears a strange sound, and runs away, breathing heavily, next, to avoid danger, he digs up, wolves are everywhere, howling, finally steve dies. Why was it on a disc? Because a disc was in a jukebox, recording, eventually popping out, being stepped on by what killed Steve.
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Xiaomei li
If you run the music through a music spectrum you see a picture of steve......... Creepy...........😰😱😱😨
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xd who's watching this in oct 2016
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Michael Alexander
it seems like steve on drugs acting like a thug running away from his own hallucinations
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It's herobrine last moments before dying and becoming a ghost
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Jeffrey Counts
It is a person going down into a cave along with an amulet a book and a torch he is getting exhausted and breathes heavily stops in the cave he coughs then he coughs again he puts the torch on the wall leave's the book on the Stone he opens up the book and read's on how to work the amulet when he finds out how to work it a strange being comes running down the cave and attacks the man after that the sound stops but you can hear a faint static could this be the awaken of Herobrian.
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manuela flores
This could be the death of Steve
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samiul gamer
on 1:52 listen carefully herobr.... and then ends
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