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Published on Jan 1, 2012

Everything is random and nothing hurts. (Only your ears after listening to dubstep with your headphones at full volume for 10 hours)
Happy new year, lads !
Hope you'll enjoy this movie !

I will post the credits tomorrow, since I have to get a little nap.
Kisses !

(BTW, I ship both UsUk & FrUk, I also ship AmeCan and AmeMau5 -lol crack- so this movie is not anti-a-certain-pairing, for the love of kick and snare.)

(Maybe I should stop listening to so much drum n bass and dubstep.)

L.E: Meme credits time !

1. Santa ! OMG ! by ThePandaAngela, with America and Germany.
2. Punch (Sitcom version) by LindseySasha, with France and England.
3. Biscuits meme by Ayazumix33, with England and Fem!Prussia.
4. Welcome to Walmart by LindseySasha, with America, Romano, Canada, Cuba and England.
5. Monstar motion from NicoNico, overlay song: Nero - Act Like You Know (Dubstep Remix), with Tecktonik!England.
6. My Mom meme by SketchingSketch101, with Germany, Japan, Italy and Prussia.
7. Dating advice with Canada and America, by LindseySasha.
8. NOOOOO meme by MidnazeCat, with Romano, fem!Prussia and Prussia.
9. Walka not a talka motion from NicoNico, overlay song: Wolfgang Gartner - Illmerica, with Tecktonik!America.
10. The murderer is...WTF, by Majikaru14Rin, with England, America and Deadmau5.
11. Dr. Octagonapus by LindseySasha, with France and England.
12. Headbang meme by jaoosa2, overlay song: Benny Benassi - Cinema (Skrillex Remix), with Austria, England and America.
13. Austin Powers wants by (I-can't-find-it-on-Youtube-anymore), with France and England.
14. Everyday I'm jammin (everyday I'm shufflin) by MorososAP, with The Bad Touch Trio.
15. Role Playas by paloiu222, with England, Canada and America.
16. TikTok meme by ZeldaFanatic0121, overlay song: Crookers - We Are Prostitutes, with Romano and Italy.
17. IDK who made the "Yatta" motion, overlay song: Zomboy - Organ Donor, with England.

Comments • 285

Jordan Pope
5:14 XD Such a wonderful song Iggy
Canada : What three little words does every girl wanna hear? Hm... Canada : I love you- America : Suck mah d*ck Me : cracks up XDD oww... My sides hurt XD
Laurel Hobert
ok, so I'm only eleven, and I have the volume all the way up on my laptop, and my DAD walks by, so I was going to turn it down, and then all I hear is....                        WE ARE PROSTITUTES!!!! then a bunch of dubstep, and my dad is like, WTF?
I'm laughing so hard with paprika in my moth and tears in the eyes i thing i'm dyeing here of laugther at that point
Zachary Edwards
That's funny
Samantha Mckinley
The Italy brothers are prostitutes now? Too bad I'm. Broke...
Kawaii Panda Princess
Italy isn't a prostitute, he's a PASTA*tute *Crickets Well geez, I'm sorry for making a pun...
XD no crickets here
Alfred F. Jones
1:07-1:43 okay, so some of the dances might not have been good BUT HOLY SHIT BRITAIN YOU LOOK SEXY IN THAT!!!! OH MY GOWD!!!
Aya Drevis
Brittany Clayboss
England and America's dancing omf dies
max g
ok am i the only one who kept on rewatching 1:10 over and over and over again while blushing madly
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