Legitimate Issue: Should Akin Abort Run for US Senate?





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Published on Aug 21, 2012

Missouri Congressman Todd Akin (R-MO) is struggling for his political life after making comments about rape, abortion and miscarriage. He is finding few friends in the GOP and some are encouraging him to drop out of the race. Will Akin drop out of the race? Should he? Find out on this Trifecta.

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The left aren't all lairs; generalising is bad way to accuse people.
The only thing Aken did was be to honest. Ryan has tried to pass several bills including HR 3 with rape categories such as 'forcible' rape. Akens mistake was honesty, Republicans dont like people to know how they really think
"you can in fact find videos of women who have had abortions due to rape on youtube... the only ones I've found are of women who converted to Christianity afterward, and now are very very pro life" That makes perfect sense. The trauma and guilt of an abortion can cause a woman to become closer to God. I HATE abortion.
Look, I hate abortion, but I'm still opposed to banning it 100%. I favor banning it after 8 weeks. However a woman should be discouraged during the 8 weeks through interviews, honestly discussing effects of abortion(I knew a woman who got an abortion. It was a horrifically traumatic experience.) for the woman, 24 hour waiting period to reconsider and perhaps other means.
Umm... He said that the body shuts down in response to rape to prevent pregnancy. The body shutting down is in response to the trauma of rape, not to prevent pregnancy. Look, my intention was to accurately explain why pregnancy is more likely to occur via consensual sex which doesn't have that trauma in contrast to the trauma of rape. I had no intention of arguing on abortion. My opinion: I HATE abortion, but I don't want it banned beyond the 1st 8 weeks. Only discouraged.
It is medically true that a pregnancy is less likely to occur with a rape than consensual sex. That's not due to the vaginal area, uterus, etc. It's due to the trauma of the rape. A vaginal, uterus, fillopian tube, etc. can't tell the difference between a sperm from a rapist vs a sperm from a man who engaged in consensual sex. Akin stated that the woman's body could tell the difference and that's how he screwed up. As for the GOP motives, it doesn't matter. They have no choice.
Marc Hamilton
Yea, it's called principal,&my guess is, IF the GOP had any & didn't cave, as always do, this would have mothing more then left a rally cry/wimper by elaction day. Have u heard some of the stuff guy's like BO have said, 57 states or what ever, who gives a sht. This hit a feminist nerve & to that I say GOOD JOB! The reason we no longer have Repubixcansas in the REPUBLIC is because of pander to a 1000 x 's over and now left with Republicrats. Stop letting leftist write the script!
Noelle Sorensen
Here's an idea - show me ONE woman that has had an abortion because of rape and/or incest. Let her address the problem. How about that? Why have I NEVER seen a rape/incest victim addressing the abortion issue? EVER?
Also, Akin's comments and issue in general have made the obama campaign force that stupid bitch Sandra Fluke on us all again. And we know how fake, stupid, and infuriating that stupid issue was. Its all a democrat ploy to distract from important issues that democrats cannot win, to just waste time forcing republicans to explain themselves on another issue that does not matter. 
I for one wish this whole stupid debacle never happened. But you have to think about this in a larger sense. Akin's stupid comments (which were apologized for profusely) will be hung around the necks of all republicans and republican canidates, despite the fact that the issues never included, and will not be the abortion issue. I don't like the fact that our party is eating its own in this situation, but the party might be right in this situation, or it might not.Either way, its complicated. 
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