Paul Ryan Destroys Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in Obamacare Debate





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Published on Mar 21, 2010

Paul Ryan destroyed Rep Debbie Wasserman-Schultz on FOX News Sunday.

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Benny A
Let's get Debbie a gift certificate for a hair dresser.....poor gal..
John Rigali
So these are the times in which we live: times characterized by such happenstances as a Jewish woman trying (and failing) to school a devout Catholic man on an issue of grave importance to Catholics. I don't know whether to laugh at her failure or cry over her audacity.
She looks like a Poodle with horse teeth, besides being full of Shit, all the time !
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paul valdez
Obamacare hard to believe it is the savior of the republican party. Thank you Jesus !! We just need to not get in the way of a full collapse of this idot plan .
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MILLIONS of Americans demanded that the fine/tax be removed from Obamacare. These fucking crooked senators, congressmen and the President and Vice President need to be kicked out of office right now. They serve themselves. We should all stop paying our taxes until they are removed from office.
She is as dumb as a nail!
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Tis but a dream
Yepper boy, gotta love being Israels little minion. America is nothing but a gatekeeper to the Ashkenazi Jews in good ole Israel. And now America is about vote in a wicked lying gargoyle in Hillary "Saint" Clinton, who in her own little Napoleonic mind, believes she's never lied to the people, nor has done anything wrong. If you don't vote for her you're a sexist misogynist monster. All of you who vote for this creature, including all of you dumb as a doorknob women who only support he because she's a female, deserve what you get in the end. Women are the biggest sexist of all time, they feed off of their own kind for lunch and dinner. They have no qualms about destroying other women to get ahead in any way possible. Trump supporters are being deceived as well. So there's that. Bernie may be the only honest one, but I believe he's a part of the establishment as well, behind the scenes. No one get's to these positions of power on their own, no one.
Ed Conrad
Two jews against a normal American...and Ryan won.
The Original
We all have different personalities, we all have different views, different jobs. Socialist like her, obama, clintons, believe were all the same, that they should control every characteristic in your life. And it doesnt add up it goes against the democracy, against americas culture, freedom. Our country was the best country in the world it still will be! After all of these democrate parties came along we sure have made us look or question if we really are number one. You socialist out there that think oh Pual Ryan is barely hanging on, he gets donations to keep him running. O my gosh the Clintions spend 2/3 of their time begging for money. They got enough money to last their whole relatives and great grand kids to live in mansions! Thats how much they got donated! Believe what you want but when facts say facts and you still somehow find a way to debate yourself out of it, you are just debating to debate. Simply you dont want to be wrong. If Mrs. Clinton gets as president. Just pray!
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How come we never get to see the response to Ryan's bullshit in any of these Ryan loving clips? And he has a chart? How does he know what questions will be asked. Unless he got a heads up from Faux News. Whoever posted these should obviously missed the results of the 2012 elections. I wonder if Ryan and Faux can reason that away?
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