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Published on Feb 4, 2012

Alex Mac over RJD2's "Ghostwriter"
Twitter: AlexanderMcfly
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/alexmacc

while everyone was sleep just know that i been working..
certain that i'll have the spotlight once they open up the curtains..
stressing, writing down my blessings..
verse after verse with bubba kush interventions..
now im back to the bars benching,
300 a night i got to write for my pension..
write for my brethren, keep him out tha pen and..
now we're stupid eating, getting faded on the webcam..
standing at the Getty and im staring at a Rembrant..
"all eyes on me" looking at a dead man..
everything seems to be coming to a head..
took a year out of my life and all it got me was 10 grand..
all of my ex dames who swore that i was lame..
who swore i wouldn't change for a large amount of change..
who knew? i wouldn't do it for you,
when i went from hot soup to sewage to you..
now imma tell you this while im stacking up my chips..
revenge? this aint it.. couldnt happen as swift..
this, is, man-i-festation,
the worlds all mine, and you get nathan (nothing)..
other than that quote end quote man you been chasing..
you know that i held you dear (deer) like a caribou..
love is a hard fall use all you cherish you as parachute..
i been out here like pssh.. whatever..
catch no feelings. no. not. ever.
& i've already packed all of my things..
but all i feel i need is in this glass jar of weed..

Miles and Miles I've Gone.
I said that I've been wrong.
but im just in my zone.
welcome home x4

And when i come out next year.
The hates falling on deaf ears.
Im on my own x2
Blowed, so.
I'll call you when i get there.
you can't reach me till you get near.

im out to get it, if i said it then i did it, no kidding..

verse 2
I've got a dog named zues, he pee's and he poops..
he barks and he barks and he'll chew all your shoes..
im always with the hotbox eyes sit low..
all off top, geyser flow.
when they legalize it, i will be delighted..
notice how they're acting as if they never even tried it..
"what is a committee its a group of the unwilling picked form the unfit to do the necessary"
I still have never been this grateful, or been this able to bend this label..
true origami from a business angle, you can't get nowhere till your foundations stable..
no jurisdiction, thats where we live in..
they got the brights on, it won't help my blurry vision..
before they knew my name, they had me detained..
cuffed me on the curve, people looking at me strange..
rummaged through my whip, & checked around my veins..
now only if a had a chance to explain..
we wasnt the first people to pop something..
the ice cream man been stopped coming..
I ordered a large pizza last week, the delivery men came to my door 3 deep..
once upon a time on 59th street, where the blunts burn slow and the young don't sleep.
there was a white T, Y.G named me who ran with other letter like K.D and T..
all of whom would pursue the paper chase, what a difference this paper makes..
now you can ease this bread and cheese of the paper plates..
we've seen eye to eye, but rarely face to face..
few have moved on i never see'm on a day to day..
and everyday we wrestle with these forces..
how do put a price on natural resources..
yawl talk pub. transit, while we speak porches..
see the greed keeps our debt enormous..
all for the dollas, hotter than val holla..
all week hanging off trees with my koalas..
faded on my pedestal, working on my decimals..
living on a ferris wheel, keeps a nigga very chill..
up & down, stop and go, coming out the pocket flow..
spread it through the hood, i want to have that gossip dough..
seems so impossible, without the pop and load..
I keep mines honor yours..
we still living off the grass like the Navajo.


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