Nearly a disaster. Energia rocket first launch with Polyus.





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Published on Nov 11, 2006

First energiya rocket launch. This rocket was also used to launch the soviet space shuttle.

Video from http://www.buran-energia.com/

You can see that it bents slightly just after lift-off (I bet some engineers suddenly remembered the N1). This was likely a bug in the guidance system, since this was the first launch and the second one (the one carrying the buran) went perfectly. Although that was a little scary, the system recovered very well and did a successful launch.

The polyus payload guidance system failed after it was separated from energia core causing it to not reach orbit.

http://www.nasaspaceflight.com/forum/... view.asp?tid=4913&posts=35&start=1

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Massive.... up to 100 tons of payload.. thats some rocket.
Louis Varricchio
The russians sure know how to make powerful boosters (which blow up on the pad).
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+Mike Paulk That is where they are clever. use others resources to build such an extensive system. And like the media says, its not they are experimenting how to grow paddy in space. Such volume of money is spent on weaponization and not paddy culture. To this date everyone else depend on Soyuz for reliable access to ISS. US rockets still need their engine. Senate already had a brawl about it. SpaceX couldn't accomplish what they did 15 years ago and still struggling for a successful launch. and do you know, all the weapons aboard exist only in Zarya module. and who knows they are not gonna incorporate the still missing directed energy systems of Polyus in the coming 2017 (US navy haven't found the weapons module in sea yet) module and a space coup in the end!? A gun will look so peaceful and harmless without the trigger assembly! remember Polyus rocket wasn't a failure. It did put the dummy warhead in orbit and crashed it later. Reagan already said 'those who control the space controls the world'! --before you launch an intercept, they will fry it from space. The plot of cold war is a rabbit hole and who knows how deep it gone and who actually won it.
Mike Hunter
+Wiseabbe007 no.  it survives on many nations.  russia cant do it alone
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It surprises me that there is still an argument on who is the leader in space exploration today. Any informed person knows who has been doing most of the 'heaving lifting'.
Polyus launch failure was a mockery. coz the laser weapon aboard it was replaced with a dummy at launch. now they not only used the technology and modules from this project to build ISS, but also funded by US! Just like the 'Sun Tsu' saying, 'you won the war only if you can control the enemy covertly and use them for your purposes'.
The Polyus was really just slapped together. Just an effort to scare americans with a dwindling budget by sending a "space laser" up.
of course we didnt search the pacific... the pacific is huge, we wouldnt know how much of it survived and it wasnt our responsibility. also black carbon paint (which i dont think is even a real thing) has nothing to do with stealth.
lol "outdated Soyuz rocket"
The U.S. tracks every single object in Earth orbit with radar. They can see very small things, and they most definitely followed the Polyus launch closely.
"Н-1", конечно, была эпичным фейлом. Но вот "Энергия"... Ультимативная ракета была. И всего два полёта. *facepalm* (( N-1 was a piece of crap, yeah. But "Energia"... badASS rocket. And two launches only. *facepalm* ((
Part of Polyus is black, but the FGB portion of it (shrouded for launch but exposed in space) was not black, and additionally had solar panels to provide power to the spacecraft. Something like that is impossible to hide. And anyway, there would be no sense in cash-strapped Roscosmos not making use of it today if it were there (which they could not do unless they wanted to give away its position, assuming it was hidden).
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