1908 Mystery in Tunguska, Russia. Meteorite etc.





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Published on Jul 30, 2011

George Carey uncovers the mystery behind the massive explosion that shook Tunguska, Siberia in 1908 which has been variously attributed to a meteorite and a crashed UFO.

Here's some blurb I found [amongst others] on the Channel 4 feedback page which I thought was an interesting summary of the documentary's approach.

"I don't think the documentary was as bad as people are making out. I can however see that George Carey's style clashed a bit with a 'serious' take on the topic - not that he made light of it, more that he seemed to mistake keeping a cynical distance for some kind of objective reporting.

What was great was the coverage of the 'space ship' and extra-terrestrial theories when the crew went to see the museum academic. Despite what the majority would have you believe - some sort of ET involvement is actually supported by a major researcher for the Russian govt - Valery Uvarov who claims to have found an ET created defence system in the region against celestial bodies. Even when the museum professor showed Carey a lot of evidence and ended with footage of a UFO over the Tunguska area, he still refused to engage with this idea and preferred to comment on how strange it felt to be being told about this with the local Russian official being present. I found this a problematic approach - Tunguska is a weird, contradictory event and thus all ideas have to be valid for consideration.

A lot more time was spent on the meteor theories and I liked the way it was pointed out that each time scientists found themselves on the way to 'proof' something happened to stop their research dead. The problems others have with Carey focusing more on the weird people in the region than "the science" - i don't see as a major issue - both for the reason above and because this wasn't billed as a formal science documentary. The people he met mirrored the 1908 event in many ways.

It should be noted there is another theory that Carey didn't locate. It involved the finding of Tibetan scripts by a British explorer [who did exist] and subsequent trip to the remote region with this information by a European group who were said to have set off a nuclear event with the scroll information. This was for a pole-shift. If you want more details read my article in the Exopolitics Journal."



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