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Published on Sep 16, 2012

Thanks for watching the Sunday video where I explain why everything is f*cked and try to explain why everyone seems stupid and evil regarding taxes.
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Watching old videos: Phil talks about someone banging their yoga instructor a lot. What happened to you boo?
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Leonidas Kun
teachers: "give us more money for allowing bullying and teaching nothing" "yeah what he said"
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Marcy Angela
As someone from Chicago... the teachers had every single right to strike and di what they had to do. A lot more happened but their increase of pay, they were told that they were now going to be paid by how many students pass/fail; which only introduces more corruption in education and we dont need anymore of that. They also wanted to give students the opportunity to "rate their teachers" and that would determine a portion of their pay, now you tell me... what do you think would happen to the teacher who actually assigns hard homework and makes their students learn instead of give them a freebie? They would be rated as god awful by the students who dont want to learn anything, which in CPS (and I say this as someone who GRADUATED from a CPS school) is about 75% of the student population. Before you judge these teachers for what they did, learn the facts. I see a bunch of idiots talking shit, when 1. you don't fully know the circumstances or situation going on and 2. you dont even live in Chicago where this is a headline and was being addressed constantly via news and forums. 
She might make more sense than politicians but that isn't very difficult at all, my dog eats his own shit and makes more sense than politicians.
artemis Crowley
you dumbasses... alkaida is in america. it's financing YOUR country. take away that and your country colapses. witch would be the best thing. less americans the better the world is off. ( less interference)
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DeJam !
watching this in 2017 with Trumps as president is kind of entertaining...
Cailin Tunnicliffe
woah don't diss Elizabeth Warren
Lady Divine
Ladyboys, Phil? Wow...
YouspeakreallyfastbutthenwhenIleastexpectit you slow down.
San'tasia Jones
My name is Santasia. i want to get this story out not only because this is happening to someone i know and love, but because im sure this is happening to other college students around the united states, and i could have been in the same predicament myself. This is about my boyfriend Quincey R, he's 19 and a freshman at chowan university, a private "christian" university, located in murfreesboro north carolina, who's motto is "Faith in your future", but from their actions you wouldn't think they care about their students, Quincey has had a hard life, harder then what it should have been or needed to be. He's mother died at the age of 9 years old, leaving him with his step dad, three older brothers and a sister, he's biological father does not take care of him despite being 5 hours away His step dad died of cancer before he graduated high school. His siblings do not wish to take care of him, and he doesnt know many of his extended family but having asked the few he has knows he gets no response, empty promises and no one helping. He stays on the campus, his first year as a freshman he started ding work study to support himself, which he also had to do over the whole summer. He was required to pay 120 dollars to stay on campus every 2 weeks totaling, 240 dollars a month, not including the food he had to by as well as money to wash clothes and pay his phone bill, leaving him with almost nothing to save for the up coming year, also while staying on campus he dealt with people stealing from his room because of his roomate leaving the door unlocked while he (quincey) was at work. He doesnt have a car and was only able to walk from the campus to either cvs, dollar general, or food lion to get food and supplies, hoping someone would give him a ride on the way back, The school didnt allow him or other student workers to eat in the cafeteria unless they paid 4 dollars, while other staff and athletes got to eat for free. A part of staying on campus over summer is moving your things from your old room to a temporary new room in the main girls dorm, although you dont get help moving your stuff from one place to the other no matter how far from the dorm you are, even upon request to get help and being watched moving his things he received almost no help. He has no moved back into his new assigned room for the up coming fall semester but now he doesnt have a kitchen to cook any food with, leaving him with only things he can make in the microwave, or alot of sandwiches. I want to get his story out hoping someone will help him get his life together before it fully falls apart, as well as get the word out about homeless college students in america, because it's far more common then it seems Please help me get this into some kinda light so he can get some help....
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