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Published on Sep 16, 2012

Thanks for watching the Sunday video where I explain why everything is f*cked and try to explain why everyone seems stupid and evil regarding taxes.
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Comments • 7,854

Leonidas Kun
teachers: "give us more money for allowing bullying and teaching nothing" "yeah what he said"
Dylan Lord
+bcmcameron I'll admit, teachers are important civil servants and deserve good wages. But the Teachers Union (like every other unions) doesn't care about the kids in their schools, they only care about their members. People are raving about poor education and no jobs? What do you think causes it? Unions.They used to serve a purpose by protecting the working man and making sure he was given fair treatment, then, they got greedy. Unions started demanding more and more and more for their workers when they didn't even deserve it. It drove businesses to cheaper areas like the South and China. What really disgusted me is that these teachers were more concerned about their salaries and unions then their own students. They make $47,000 to $116,000 annually. People want to know why education funding is so horrible? It's because the money for education is going to these teachers! If anything these teachers should be is ashamed, they cared more about keeping inflated salaries than their own students. 
maybe if they were payed more, it would be a more wanted job, and you wouldn't get the shitty ones! People's logic these days is shit. Think about it, if you pay a teacher more, other people are going to want that job. Therefore, there would be better possible teachers that could enter into that job. It's ridiculous that the people that watch, and educate EVERYONE'S children, and the future of this PLANET, get payed so little and have such low standards. Teaching should have some of the most high qualifications needed. You say they allow bulling and teach nothing, yet they obviously teach something, and I'd like to see you try to stop 500-5000 students from bullying each other! Think about being in there shoes next time you say something that ridiculous. My mom is a teacher who quit her job because the fucking government made teaching so boring. She literally had so many rules about what to teach, that she couldn't make class fun for the kids! I'm assuming teachers all across America are feeling this too. Not saying all teachers are great, but you shouldnt judge "Teachers" in general. I went a lot further than I wanted to with this so i'll stop here, but I hope you get my point. Teachers NEED a higher pay so we can get BETTER  teachers.
Watching old videos: Phil talks about someone banging their yoga instructor a lot. What happened to you boo?
Erik Govea
Marriage and a child tend to make you think about what you say. Lovers are scary..
Marcy Angela
As someone from Chicago... the teachers had every single right to strike and di what they had to do. A lot more happened but their increase of pay, they were told that they were now going to be paid by how many students pass/fail; which only introduces more corruption in education and we dont need anymore of that. They also wanted to give students the opportunity to "rate their teachers" and that would determine a portion of their pay, now you tell me... what do you think would happen to the teacher who actually assigns hard homework and makes their students learn instead of give them a freebie? They would be rated as god awful by the students who dont want to learn anything, which in CPS (and I say this as someone who GRADUATED from a CPS school) is about 75% of the student population. Before you judge these teachers for what they did, learn the facts. I see a bunch of idiots talking shit, when 1. you don't fully know the circumstances or situation going on and 2. you dont even live in Chicago where this is a headline and was being addressed constantly via news and forums. 
YouspeakreallyfastbutthenwhenIleastexpectit you slow down.
Cailin Tunnicliffe
woah don't diss Elizabeth Warren
She might make more sense than politicians but that isn't very difficult at all, my dog eats his own shit and makes more sense than politicians.
DeJam !
watching this in 2017 with Trumps as president is kind of entertaining...
Lady Divine
Ladyboys, Phil? Wow...
5:45 - "putting Americans back to work, or maybe... just bought a boat" (something like that, I'm too lazy to go back and check) I just want to point out that buying a boat would be giving that money to hard working Americans. The engineer, the designer, the, idfk, contracter, all the factory workers, the people they'll pay to maintain it. People act like when the rich buy nice things for themselves the money effectively disappears, but it all goes somewhere.
Garrett Henze
Most of the toys rich people buy do not go back to America. Expensive cars and boats are most often of foreign make (i.e Ferraris and Lambos are Italian), in million + houses the money goes from one rich person to another, same thing with paintings, land, and other rich person stuff. The idea that rich people spend money employing others is lie and a fallacy. People in general don't influence employment on an individual level, the more important things are businesses and government.
artemis Crowley
you dumbasses... alkaida is in america. it's financing YOUR country. take away that and your country colapses. witch would be the best thing. less americans the better the world is off. ( less interference)
Tia AnnLenae
1. Al-Qaeda 2. Spell check and uh 3. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT. 
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