1. Karate cat does a flying side kick

  2. Lazy cat is unamused by puppy

  3. A horse of course completes the course

  4. Dog can't stop kissing owner

  5. Cats love to boogie

  6. Cat cools down with water cooler

  7. Kitten is out cold on man's belly

  8. Cat is horrified by masked man

  9. Puppy resists arrest

  10. Puppy tests older dog's limits

  11. Dog drags dog by the tail

  12. Camel chases down truck driver

  13. Goat gives a good shot

  14. Puppies go crazy for mother's milk

  15. Bulldog shreds on skateboard

  16. DJ dog dances to music

  17. Ostriches go nuts over food

  18. Cat and mouse play game of cat and mouse

  19. Mice love to slip 'n slide

  20. Doggie bag runs in circles

  21. Possum scares people to death

  22. Cat Plays Rock-A-By Baby

  23. A horse and a dog K-I-S-S-I-N-G

  24. Curious cat cleans herself

  25. Shark attacks couple taking photo

  26. Seagull steals fisherman's dinner

  27. Peacock harasses mailman like a dog

  28. Cat learned to open his food jar

  29. Doggie gives owner a nutshot

  30. Baby and cat cuddle in crib

  31. A dog, a cat, and a rat walk into a room

  32. Dog fits 3 tennis balls in his mouth

  33. Starving squirrel cheats the system

  34. Dog and parrot make out

  35. Dog has uber flappy lips - Part 2

  36. Godzilla kitty attacks dollhouse

  37. Dog gets shot with a water gun

  38. Pug has the world's longest tongue

  39. Huge fish jumps into boat and attacks man

  40. Dog plays guitar hero

  41. Elf cat is miserable

  42. Beethoven dog sleeps on the piano

  43. Lazy cat has no desire to move

  44. Dog hates being on camera

  45. Cat and dog play king of the mountain

  46. Dog struggles to get food from nose

  47. Cat and dog make out

  48. Dog drools like a geyser

  49. Ferret escapes from Alcatraz

  50. Cat gets mad when you take his lollipop

  51. Cat fights back against toddler

  52. Rodeo pug vs teddy bear

  53. Cat gets attacked by camera shark

  54. Dog is the best at playing dead

  55. Dogs scratch each other's back

  56. Labrador makes best shopping buddy

  57. Figure skating dogs slide on ice

  58. Jack-In-The-Box cat scares dogs

  59. Catch chases computer mouse

  60. Cat collects her kittens

  61. Baby Bulldog Plays With Butterfly

  62. Doggie does barrel roll

  63. Cat open screen door

  64. Dog eats pizza on command

  65. Stingray attacks baby

  66. Puppy gets groomed with vacuum

  67. Guilty dog hides from the police

  68. Puppy shakes with excitement

  69. Dog mops the floor with his face

  70. Cats sing happy birthday

  71. Squirrels fight over food

  72. Doggie waits for the ice cream truck

  73. Puppy cries himself to sleep

  74. Cat chases dog chasing leash

  75. Cat is alarmed by the alarm

  76. Cat has the itchiest butt ever

  77. Bulldog gets stuck in bookshelf

  78. Hamster wiggles to freedom

  79. Bear steals camping gear and leaves his mark

  80. Dog has uber flappy lips

  81. Dog chases his tail in circles

  82. Dog loses staring contest with owner

  83. Sneaky ferret hides T.V. remote

  84. Circus pup catches rings with head

  85. Aerodynamic bird makes amazing hood ornament

  86. Kitten hangs from cereal bowl

  87. Gorilla digs for gold

  88. Puppy potties during baseball game

  89. Dogs say prayer before chowing down

  90. Kitten plays dead on command

  91. Spider chases laser pointer like a dog

  92. Mountain goat is a soccer pro

  93. Man spits bananas into dog's mouth

  94. Cat slams man to the ground

  95. Dog quivers when combed

  96. Doggie drags kid through snow

  97. Llama tells kid to back off

  98. Puppy steals food when dog isn't looking

  99. Gazelle's food makes a u-turn