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Uploaded on Oct 11, 2011

This is one of the original crash test videos for the Pontiac Fiero. In this video, dummies were restrained with the factory seatbelts.

"Fieros are deathtraps!" Not hardly......

Many people think that the Pontiac Fiero is an unsafe vehicle due to its small size. It turns out that the Fiero was the safest vehicle ever tested by the NHTSA without airbags. It was the second safest vehicle on the road in 1985, second to the Volvo DL Wagon. The DL had airbags. Even by today's standards, the Fiero still rivals many newer vehicles on the road today.

The methods of testing are exactly the same in 2010 as they were back in 1979 when NHTSA began testing cars. Cars are tested by impacting a solid barrier at 35 MPH.

The Fiero received a 5 star crash rating for both driver and passenger. A 5-star rating means a 10% or lower chance of serious injury. So 5-star means the same now as it meant 25 years ago.

Here are a few comparisons:
1984 Pontiac Fiero
Driver *****
Passenger *****
Head Injury Criterion: 356.5/308.6
Chest Deceleration (G): 30.9/29.9
Femur Load 840/800 800/740

2003 Cadillac Deville
Driver *
Passenger ***
Rollover ****
Head Injury Criterion: 826/507
Chest Deceleration (G): 75/58
Femur Load: 825/1297 875/848

2007 Buick Lacrosse
Driver *****
Passenger *****
Rollover ****
Head Injury Criterion: 374/259
Chest Deceleration (G): 43/42
Femur Load: 1099/1112 909/405

2009 Ford Focus
Driver *****
Passenger *****
Rollover ****
Head Injury Criterion: 521/389
Chest Deceleration (G): 40/40
Femur Load: 1133/1652 1138/968

As you can see, the 1980s Pontiac is still one of the safer cars on the road today. The Fiero is as good as or better than many of today's vehicles that have airbags.

The Fiero is also very stable. The Fiero received a Static Stability Factor, or Rollover Resistance rating, of 1.47. This equates to a 5-star rollover rating.

Even if you are unfortunate enough to get into a rollover accident, the Fiero excels in safety once again with its incredibly strong roof structure. According to the NHTSA, the Fiero was tested by inverted drop and roof crush testing. In the inverted drop test, the Fiero, along with cars like the Ford F150 and Plymouth Laser were turned over and dropped on their roofs. The Fiero scored best with 8.3 cm crush on the a-pillar and 3.8 cm on the B-pillar. The Ford F-150 had the worst rating with 42.5cm crush on a-pillar and 40.6cm on the B-pillar. The Plymouth Laser actually had a slightly better rating than Fiero for B pillar with 3.2cm crush.

In another publication, NHTSA tested cars roofs by crushing them with a steel plate and hydraulic ram. In the example given, the Chevrolet S10 had the worst rating with 5320 lbs roof strength, while the Fiero has the highest rating with 9909 lbs of roof strength. This equates to 3.53 roof strength to weight ratio, complying with even the most recent roof strength requirement of 3.00:1 strength ratio. It is kind of funny how the Pontiac Fiero is still meeting many of the most modern crash test requirements without even frontal airbags.....

Now for Death rate. Death rate is a number given to cars to reflect the likelihood of death in any particular vehicle. The Fiero, along with Camaros and Firebirds, happen to have a very high death rate. A high death rate doesn't mean the car is unsafe, it just means that this type of car is going to be driven faster and more recklessly, increasing the chance of an accident, which in turn, increases the chance of serious injury or death. If you hit a concrete wall at 80MPH with no seatbelts on, I don't care what car you are in, you will be killed. The human body just simply cannot take that kind of G load and people need to stop driving like idiots. Please comment. I would like to see your reaction to this and hear some of your crash stories. Please drive responsibly.


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