"Fly" (Cover) Nicki Minaj..♥♥♥ Pt.1...





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Published on Oct 1, 2011

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Comments • 18,563

Guyssss, stop teasing her...Why do you judge a person by it's fat? You didn't know her personally, neither did I, but I am sure that she was a fantastic person with STRONG willing to live!!! And what's with her bad singing? You are not her judge..If she likes her voice, and she's OK with uploading her singing on YouTube then there's none of your business....and do not tell me ''Oh, I have freedom of speech I can say whatever I want, whenever I want to!!'' , NO YOU DON'T....You can't tell a person to go kill herself, or whatever it pops up to your mind...that is CRAZY..and most importantly...IMMATURE....How do YOU know if she was a bad person??! Believe me...she was a honest true person..I wish I was her friend..That's a friend everyone would love to have...not these kind of friends we hang out today...And for god's shake..STOP torturing her even NOW that she's passed away...with these bad comments, telling her that she ate all of the MacDonalds and that's how she died, or ''She died because she ate herself'' it's just cruel and doesn't let her soul to rest in peace...By the way, I know she's dead, but she was active for 4 years or so (2010-2014), so I am going to write this as well..Did you know, that this shit that you are doing to her, it's called cyber bulling?! And I KNOW FOR A FACT that most of you guys are being bullied ;) Did you like it when you were the victim? NOPE, SO WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU TEASE HER...DO YOU KNOW HER? NOPE...and I know I'll get the typical ''Why do YOU know her?'' , No, I don't...I wish I was, but I don't..but AT LEAST I am being polite and nice with her,even though she's dead, so stop these stupid questions...Another thing I wanted to point out, if you are below 13 (you shouldn't even have YouTube if you are...) then I kind of understand all of these hate comments for a sweet lady ..but if you are over 15 or so then YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED of you IMMATURENESS...You must be a freaking lazy glob if you tease this beautiful woman, even though YOU KNOW that she's dead...ALL of this teasing doesn't make HER feel bad (she's dead so..) but it makes others (like me and other MATURE people) feel that you have problems...psychological..you can't be a 30 yold and teasing a dead person..then that means you have nothing to do with your life basically ;) , so basically you're making the impression of teasing yourself...she can't read your comment and be sad of it...in fact, you make yourself look stupid..And now I know I'll get the other typical comment ''She can't read your comment either..'' ...Well, I am not here to support HER...I am here to tell YOU, that what you are doing IS WRONG...and if you are that immature then you should get a job and a life.. ;) Oh, something I forgot...back in the days that she was alive (2010-2014) and active on YouTube, and used to read all of these comments..because there were hate comments here in these years as well, she wasn't being hurt of your comments as well...in fact, she didn't give a fuck about your stupid comments...she only listened to family and relatives support..she doesn't need your un-encouragement...you don't know her, so you can't harm her, in fact, you are doing what I said before, you share your immatureness, being a 30yold across the internet, when you should have gotten a job, or something good and interesting to do with your life..And for you beautiful lady, called Nanaluvstroubles, I hope you rest in peace..I never got the opportunity to meet you, but I am 10000000000000000000%% sure that you were (and are, in the heaven :) ) the best person, the best soul that someone could ever had in it's life..Rest in peace you beautiful soul! <3
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cliff monias
Lins shut ur mouth!! >:(
cliff monias
Yuyi01a plus she died :'(
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christian gutierrez
You people are all fucking pethetic for hating on her. Like really? Grow The FUCK UP MAN. Fuck. Just because she's over weight dosn't mean you stupid ignorant people have to make her feel bad about her self. Fuck you guys. 
christian gutierrez
wtf? xD im not fat. so shut the fuck up you fucking turd.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
:) keep it up Gurl. She's a human, not a hippopotamus or a whale.  Think of it, you big bullies. If you were her receiving this hate you would not like it ( *cough**cliche**) you guys detest bullying but your being the bullies. She may be overweight but still we are all made under God's image. So please stop its not fair, she's beautiful of you look. 
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+Nicole Palacio People like you are partially the reason why this world is dead to most. 
Overweight?!!?? HAHAHAHAHA good one this thing was morbidly obese
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I want to have anal sex with her.
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+Oscar Zilverberg xD LMAO
Destiny Risner
+Oscar Zilverberg LMFAO
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God bless her, I hope her beautiful soul rests in peace ♡
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Lins go kill yourself you ugly troll
Tyra :P
:O thats so rude! she's dead and your still showing hate! i hope you die lins
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Some of these comments are making me laugh so hard I feel guilty about laughing but I can't help my self!
El Pluma
Whats the world coming to? People are selfish cunts, people have disabilities, shes beautiful, in a different way to me, and you, everyone is beautiful in their own way, you call her ugly, all that makes you is ugly on the inside, shes beautiful on the inside, and thats what counts.
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North West
Fat isn't ugly it brings sickness
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Alicia Marie
Her mouth looks like an old man's.
liberty miller
shut up!
Jacari Minaj
mitchell smith
Didn't know hippos sang... 😂
mitchell smith She isn't a hippo.
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