Blinding Love . Episode 73 {Justin Bieber Love Story}





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Uploaded on Sep 29, 2010

Well Hello there...
you'll never guess who this is; LOL
its me Fanfiction94 haha been forever
i know you guys can like hate me.. everything
has been so hectic and just djfhsdkj lately
LOL anyway enjoy the epsiode.

Justin's POV:

Me and Ryan parked the car in massive parking lot and made our towards the entrance to the mall. i put my hand in to my back pocket making sure i had brought my wallet with me, cause well that's the reason i was here in the first place right? Ryan pushed open the doors and we stepped as a hard gush of cold wind hit our faces. sheesh turn thee Air conditioning down a notch wont ya? My phone rang and i felt my heart rate pick up scared of what my caller ID might read and reached in to my pocket and brought it up. Ryan's head snapped back in to reality at the sound of my ringtone, i felt him tense and look at me uneasy. "Who is it?" He asked curious and scared of what my answer might be. My eyes darted to the screen and i felt myself ease up as the screen read 'Lana' ... "False alarm" i said to Ryan and he nodded turning the other way.

"Hey love" i answered and Lana's sweet voice filled up my ear. Seconds later i realized she was out of breath and she sounded panicked. "Baby whats wrong?" i asked begining to get uneasy all over again. I heard loud footsteps on the other end and panting "Lana whats the matter?!" i rushed. Adrenaline pumping in my veins i heard a faint whisper of her voice on the other end and i looked towards Ryan, he knew something was up. We immediately stopped dead in our tracks. And started looking all over the place searching for Lana and the girls. "Where are you?" i asked her. "He's here Justin" she said her voice filled with fear i could hear her whimper on the other end and blood rushed through my veins. My lana was in trouble and i had no idea where the hell in this big mall she was at. "Lana where are you?!" i demanded. i heard a sharp scream as the line went dead.

"Where are they?!" Ryan asked petrified. "i have no fucking clue!" i said "What do we do!" he asked "Get to them before he reaches them first!" i yelled. "you check the first floor i'll check the second!" Ryan said. i nodded quicly and fell in to quick jog as i raced the halls of the massive mall in search of Lana. I pulled out my phone once again and dialed her number. No one picked up. I tried again but it got cut off even before the first ring. Her phone was turned off or dead. Shit... SHIT! i pushed my phone deep in to my pocket and kept running. Looking in every store i passed for Lana. My phone rang again in my pocket and i took it out. it was a text. from a unknown number. it was him.

"Look's like she told you i was here" it read i tried to reply then remembered the number was restricted and i couldn't my fingers went numb at the thought of Lana in danger. Moments later i got another text.

"just know that i'll reach your little girlfriend before you do. i know where she is and you dont"


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