Hell Screams





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Uploaded on Sep 20, 2010

During my 2 year of research and everything, this is fake, no doupt about it. when I first put this up, I was very interested in it. However, the sounds of hell did not came from 'baron's blood' becuase the sounds are not match up, in the movie, you heard of maybe like 10, 15 people shouting and screaming but in the audio, you heard more over 1,000. However, there is a historical fact that some drillers from the dig site were traumatized of what the ysaw their and they have discribed what was shown. The only thing that this was fake is that the story never had a concrete evidence and source. There were talk shows about it and interviews. when I dug more evdence of this story, I think this is an excellent attention getter. but I never said thisstory was true yet, I just posted this story from a site and I just now have the evidence and enough information about it. I still don't know where the soudns originally came from, the sound waver/mixer never picked up the same shockwave, not even close to the same thread line. So it is either created by someone else or it is an actuall sound of hell. Not for Sure. This is a Urbans legendary story. but what makes this so creepy and evidentual that there is a hell because of reports of Afterlife exerpience and examples of the spiritual world. There is an interview of a guy who died in a plane crash visited hell and came back to tell the story. another is an old man on his death bed, served 3 heartattacks, first 2 he survived, 3rd he was gone, he was an atheist until after he came to life and give a documentry on it.

Story - FALSE
Sounds of Hell - UNKNOWN
Events - FALSE
History Record of Witnesses - TRUE/UNKNOWN

If you really want to know the answer about hell on true facts, it is your decision to apply and accpet it but if not, there is no point to even search up hell. If, you are going to keep insulting and trying to win a pointless argument when you have no source to disprove hell.

My Experience about it. I have not much counter with anything so much on afterlife because every time death is near me, it is never my time to go. Survive gasoline Poising at the age of 4, at age 5, went into a serious bloodshot Concussion, threw up and then I was fine. age 8 got hit by cars first time, ride a bike and got hit by a mini SUV. from ribs to foot was all slamed but got out with a scratch, 2nd time, car swerve on a side walk and slamed me on the same time as the first time and third time, got back into from ym back side. age 15, hung myself for a minute and rope snap. Now recently, an 900 -1000 lbs Vending Machine fall straight on me. only got out of it with a huge scratch from shoulders down to me wrist on my right side.
at Age 15, got into a occult and I am a witness to a demonic act of symbolically a fallen angel. I have heard personal afterlife sotries and all has the same answer and conclusion. I have ssen a fallen angel and an angel. So I do believethere are HELL(S) and a heaven. it is your turn to believe. so, I am still keeping this video up but it is an example of what it could sound.

ENJOY and maintain peace on this page please and thank you


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