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Published on Oct 2, 2010

This song was written way back in October 2001, and recorded in January 2002- obviously inspired by both the events and people described in the song! Enjoy! (Lyrics below) ©2002, 2010 All rights and remedies reserved


FOOLISH, cowardly, brain-dead, SPINELESS
Psychotic, fake patriotic MINDLESS
SISSIES! Wavin' your star-spangled banner
Bumpin' your gums in a most IGNORANT manner!
First off, your whole STYLE is musty
'cuz since that government setup with 9/11? Y'all DISGUST me!
God Bless America? THAT gets me PISSED
What scripture is THIS? That verse don't EXIST!
Picture ME rolling with some 'flag' on my ride
On that 'United We Stand'- type "American" pride
Only terrorists I see? Control the world's banks and economies, corporations and global policies!
Passing laws to enslave and arrest me
Raped, lynched and KILLED my ancestors and STILL oppress me!
So HOW you address me? While they suppress me and my history, givin' me misery in the U.S. under duress- Picture ME protesting "Ol' Dixie" or burning your "Old Glory?" That ain't the issue
Only good your banners are for is TOILET TISSUE!
ALL your bandwagon antics are a FAD
So when they suspend this CONstitution? Don't get mad
Cameras, searches, seizures, no rights- y'all don't need 'em-
'cuz under martial law, y'all brag about ALL your freedom!

(hook- see video)

The U.S. wants to STOP TERRORISM? Right...
That's like the marshmallow calling the CHARCOAL WHITE!
This place was FOUNDED by terrorist acts
Upon the backs of those labeles 'Negroes' and 'Blacks'
Murdered from slavery and broken treaties ALONE
Stole and raped THEIR land where buffaloes once roamed
Massacred millions of women and children? It's 'heroism'
Masons start the KKK, but that ain't terrorism?
Don't talk to ME about threat level fears
Talk about the Black Wall Street bombing in Tulsa or Trail of Tears!
America IS a terriorist tradition
And I DON'T forget, so they treat me with suspicion
Modern Rome's goin' down like the Titanic
Homeland IN-security got 'em quite frantic
SO traumatized by covert government acts
They SAY 'These Colors Don't Run'- but they DO from the facts
They LOVE to pay that Illegal Robbery Squad tax
But after these Arabic scapegoats? They'll blame the blacks
For terrorism like they do for drugs and crime
But NEVER the 'white' men behind the scenes everytime!

(hook- see video)

In the land of the GREED and the home of the SLAVE
They STILL feel a need to wave
That abomination of blue, white and scarlet
That representation of the Mother Of All Harlots!
Bannerwaving sissies- STOP it! Pause
Jacking your jaws, yet don't know JACK about your LAWS
What's your citizenship? That'll end it
Read that 13th and 14th Amendment?
A bannerwavin' punk won't stop and see
Legally, they're chattel called U.S. property
The U.S. is NOT a country AT ALL
But a private bankrupt corporation business about to FALL!
The Illuminati runs it through the Federal Reserve
Bannerwavers pledge their allegiance to THEM they serve
THAT'S why there's a national debt
That those rich pale families of bankers will enforce and COLLECT
They run the International Monetary Fund, United Nations,
Trilaterals & Council on Foreign Relations
They run all the entertainment and the views
You hear, read & see- from movies, TV, radio to the news
From every World War to ALL global pollution
Creating this chaos to impose their 'solution!'
Nazis blew up their OWN government bulding before
As an excuse to start THAT war!
The Pentagon was the SAME situation
Gun registration leads to confiscation
And just like Hitler did in Nazi Germany-
The U.S. does it NOW in National Emergency!


They got Executive Orders already in place
For the Postal Service to register you in a database
I wanna SEE your bannerwaving 'bravery'
when they take your car, home and family and RESTART slavery
But THIS time it won't be just US, and they won't use whips
But DNA samples and transponder microchips
To INJECT you, wit' to control your cash and location
Or INFECT you, with plagues by mandatory vaccination
Microwave towers on rooftops and corners remain
To modify your behavior, or melt your brain!
FEMA has the ability
To lock you up in Public Storage facilities
And WHO will it BE? That they'll round up in your town
Into extermination camps underground?
TERRORISTS? Pale men own THAT patent
to exercise your rights you lost makes you an enemy combatant
THEN we'll SEE how brave you bannerwavers are
When that light blue banner replaces your stripes and stars
Oh, you'll RUN to fight in some foreign location
While this government's at war against its OWN population
(see video for rest of lyrics)

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