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Published on Sep 16, 2010

I give some natural history information on anacondas while shooting footage of a juvenile Green Anaconda (Eunectes murinus gigas) along the Nariva River on the eastern coast of Trinidad in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago off the northeastern coast of South America.

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this is shitty there was only 1 anaconda found in Trinidad and that was found in 2013 ,2014 or 2015
Vijai Singh
a family member of mines saw a very large anaconda in Trinidad, manzanilla recently few months ago, maybe about 17 feet approx
+ATEO PRODUCTIONS Anacondas have been recorded in Trinidad since way back in colonial times. People have mentioned anacondas from Trinidad in writings for about 200 years or more, and anacondas were certainly likely to have been in Trinidad long before Europeans arrived. They were mostly found living and breeding around the rivers and swamps of eastern, southern and southwestern Trinidad. You are probably thinking about the first anaconda to be recorded in the Caroni River drainage system (so, the first one found outside of the historic range of eastern and southern Trinidad). It was a large female individual found on 26 December 2012 near the Caroni Crematorium that was taken to the Emperor Valley Zoo, named 'Sarp', became very popular (making TV and newspaper headlines).....and that died about a year and a few months later in April 2014 after being captured. So, that individual was not the first (nor the only) anaconda to be found in Trinidad....just the first one found and officially recorded in that specific part of the island (the Caroni River drainage system of north central Trinidad).....and it only became popular because it was so large.
Ray Ribeiro
Hello, I’m a graduate student of biological sciences from Brazil, working as a trainee of a Herpetology laboratory. Our work try to understand the relationship between anacondas and men, based on online media. Sadly, your vídeo didn’t contain the following information:  • County • State • Geographic coordinates . I would like to now if you could please send us this information contributing to our research. Your contribution is very important. Here is my contact information: rjuniorbio@hotmail.com 55 65 81183014 (Whatsapp) Thank you for the attemption, we wait the aswer.   Raimundo Ribeiro Pereiro Junior Grad student  - Herpetology Lab  
+Ray Ribeiro The animal was found at half past four in the afternoon on 20 August 2010 washed ashore in the middle of Mayaro Bay on the beach in a mass of aquatic vegetation (mainly water hyacinths). Presumably the snake rafted in the floating water hyacinths across from the Orinoco Delta of Venezuela (where rainy season floods often expel huge amounts of aquatic vegetation, some of which floats across to southern and eastern Trinidad). I then relocated the animal several kilometers north of where it was found to a suitable habitat along the Nariva River where it would be likely to be safe from being molested by humans. So the location where the snake was found is as follows: Mayaro Bay beach (near Frontin Road), County Mayaro, Trinidad (in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago). The geographic coordinates of the site fall between: 10° 13′ 28.42″N, 61° 00′10.82″ W and 10° 14′ 24.59″ N, 61° 00′ 04.43″ W.
Dorian George
theres anacondas in trinidad?? :o omg
Thanks for the rainbow boa (Epicrates maurus) video. Best regards. 
Jimmy huffa
Stefan Ramlogan
another ignorant trini.....ur comment is so 3rd world its not even funny...u sound like one of those guys who sneak into fields to meet goats for trysts at night....defending ur woman so to speak
Brett Thompson
@123afifi you will never find it without me son......
@mrgoodlookin320 right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@mrgoodlookin320 It's a juvenile.....probably a year or two old.....it has a lot of growing to do. They can put on quite a lot of size in their first few years. Still, it was just over a metre long and as thick as a man's forearm....
how dat anaconda so small
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