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Published on Jan 17, 2012

Jeremy now reviews the final chapter in the Star Wars trilogy: "Return of the Jedi"......and the Ewoks...

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Atleast the ewoks are useful unlike Jar Jar 
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A Troll
Jar Jar is the key to all of this.
GameGaming Neboules Growtopia Amd More!
I wаtсhed Reеturn ooооf the Jеdi full moviе hеrе https://twitter.com/abf1ec11ddcf6f0d8/status/822768642806804480 Rеturn оf thе Jеdi mоviе rеviеw
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I know the Ewoks defeating the Empire is ridiculous, but if it makes you feel any better, just remember what Yoda said. "Size matters not."
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Renee Moore
Plus it's all happening on their planet so of course they wanna get rid of the Empire too....lol
Hans Ollo
+00daveyr When those same soldiers prove incapable of shooting average sized humans in empty hallways, it's no wonder they can't shoot three foot tall bears in heavy foliage. 
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Lucas changing things is just a punishment to fans for not liking the prequels. 
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Péter Szabó
+EvanSol919 I like them, so why punish me? :)
+zionlion99 I didn't mind that as much, you can't get any worse than "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"
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I didn't mind the Ewoks. The only part that stood out as ridiculous to me is when the Ewoks used 2 logs to to destroy an AT-ST. You'd think they'd be more durable than that.
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Galen Marek
If that's the case then Anakin is dead forever and illustrates that Vader cannot redeems himself as Anakin, which goes against the lesson the OT taught us. The Jedi believes that Vader cannot be redeemed and sees him as an evil walking machine, while Luke sees him as his damaged father and will try his best to save him. If what Lucas said is true, then the Jedi were right completely destroys what Luke stood for and what the movie taught us; that we should have faith in individuals, no matter how vile they are.
Claireness Punkster
they tested that scene on myth busters and spoiler alert the logs worked pretty good
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Cloudy Storm
Who here thinks The Force Awakens will be Awesometacular. I think it will be
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Tate Hildyard
+Cloudy Storm Awesometacular it will be .
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there's an alternative universe where instead of ewoks we got a planet of wookies
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Captain Deadpool
Ivan G. What if the rebels found a lot of Wookie slaves who were building for the empire, set them free and they use primitive technology (because they are slaves and they don't have weapons) to take out the empire?Still makes more sense than Ewoks because Wookies are stronger than five stormtroopers and in hand to hand combat the weapons don't help them.
Ivan G.
That was the origional plan but lucas wanted a non-technological species to take down the empire and wookies (as demonstrated by chewbaca) are technologically advanced
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To me the ghost change "broke my back". It was disrespectful to Sebastian Shaw, it made no sense story wise, and it taints the ending because Anakin from the prequel does not belong in the original trilogy at all. It is a completely ridiculous change that just pisses me off. That and Boba Fett's voice change. Other changes like adding extra CGI scenes and characters, changing lines for no reason, and the "no" part were all ridiculous and annoying, but Boba Fett's voice change and the ghost change feel downright disrespectful.
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Ethan Winstead
+Jeremy Ralphael Anakin was last a Jedi when he died
Jeremy Ralphael
It showed Anakin when he was last a jedi
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Episode 3 should of ended with vader laying down and is mask is put on and he takes one breath and the film ends.
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Nicholas Sims
+Robert Welliver thank you
+iPermanently they weren't necessary at all this ending would of made a huge impact cos that breath became famous the birth seen however....
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That weird shy guy
Ep1: 6.5/10 Ep2: 6/10 Ep3: 7/10 Ep4: 9.5/10 Ep5: 10/10 Ep6: 9.5/10 
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Betty Bros
+SlimyTrain It was joke bro. But on the real. They all fucking suck. 0/10 across the board
+Teddy Rose you most be brain dead to think that opinion
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Dark Jedi
Episode 1: D Episode 2: D+ Episode 3: B- Episode 4: A Episode 5: A+ Episode 6: A-
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Nana Anokye
Rogue one A+
episode 7- A
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