NBB Continued: A Fan Story Ep 4 - Crushes on Kristina





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Published on Aug 20, 2012

The next day @ 9:00 am:

Two camera guys are in Nat and Alex's room shooting footage of the two as they get ready for another band rehearsal. "Hey Nat," Alex began. Nat was in the bathroom brushing his teeth. "What Alex?," muffled Nat. "Kristina told me, David, Thomas and Qaasim something really funny," Alex chuckled.

Nat came out of the bathroom and sat next to Alex on his bed. "What'd she say?," Nat asked interested. "A fan saw her and Rosalina shopping at Ross and asked for her autograph but not Rosalina's," Alex explained. Nat shook his head smirking. "Alex, that's not funny," Nat giggled.

The camera zooms in on Nat who's trying ever so hard to keep his laugh in. "Waddaya mean it's not funny? If it's not funny then why are you laughing?," Alex chuckled. Nat burst into laughter but quickly sucked it back in. "It's not fair on Rosalina's part," Nat said in a sensible tone. "I wonder why the fan didn't want Rosalina's autograph.

"Oh! Here's the punch line, Nat," Alex began. "The fan told Kristina that Rosalina broke your heart and that she's a better girlfriend to you than her!," Alex exploded laughing. "Kristina is NOT my girlfriend!," Nat growled as he tickled Alex.

Later on at the studio:

"Okay guys, let's work on the new song 'I'm Going Solo'," Nat began. "Yo Nat, I'm really likin' this song," Qaasim chuckled. Nat turned around and smiled at him. "Uh, can I ask you somethin'?," Qaasim whispered getting close to Nat. "Sure man. What is it?," Nat asked.

"Uh, can we sing and put this song on the new album?," Qaasim asked putting a piece of paper in Nat's face. Nat read some of the lyrics and then looked at the title. "Love on a Bass Guitar?," Nat asked as he looked at Qaasim. "Yeah. See? This is where the horns come in and then Tom on his cello," Qaasim pointed out.

"It's a love song for Kristina," he revealed to confused Nat. "Qaasim," Nat chuckled. "What? You tryna say Kristina and I don't make a good match?," Qaasim asked narrowing his eyes at Nat. Nat shook his head. "No I'm not saying that at all," Nat giggled. "We'll put it on the album," Nat concluded.

Suddenly, Thomas and David ran up to Nat with papers in their hands. "Let me guess! It's a love song for Kristina," Nat smiled. Thomas and David looked surprised. "How did you know?," they asked in unison. Nat held up the paper Qaasim gave him. "Hey man! Keep that confidential!," Qaasim huffed.

Thomas: "Nat don't put his song on the new album," he began. "Put mine on there!"

David: "Why would he put yours when he can put mine?," he asked smirking. "Besides, mine isn't even a song. It's a love instrumental I composed on my keyboard," David revealed.

Qaasim: "Who cares about a dumb song with NO words?," he sneered to David.

Thomas: "My song trumps both of you!," Thomas stated boldly. "Since I already know how to play the bass, I made a love bass guitar solo song for her."

"That's just a stupid way of saying you made an instrumental," David sneered. Thomas scrunched up his nose at David and Nat laughed to himself. "You guys," Nat giggled taking their papers with him.


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