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Published on Jun 10, 2011


Stroustrup shares some secrets about his work habits.

Question: What is your work setup like? Bjarne Stroustrup: I travel with a little laptop, the smallest real computer I can get.  So the 12-and-something screen and... but a decent processor speed.  And where I am, I plug it into a dock and I use two screens and such and then I network to any other resources I want.  If at all possible, I would like to make that machine smaller, but... or at least lighter.  Larger and lighter would be nice, but I don't get it and too light if you're stuck in a sardine-class seat on a plane, you still should be able to open up and write.  And you can't do that with one of those bodybuilder's editions.  So a smaller machine, convenient machine that you can carry with you and plug it into a bigger system network to more resources.  My laptop is a Windows.  People always ask that.  And they can't understand why it's not my Linux.  Well, my Linux happens to sit on my desk and it talks to a traditional Unix through it.  So I use both on a daily basis.  It just happened that it's easier to carry the Windows books around. Question: Do you prefer to work at night or during the day? Bjarne Stroustrup: Real thinking, real work goes on fairly early in the day. And then in the evening, no, not really sort of thought work, not creative work.  I can polish stuff.  I'm not a night bird like that.  I like to think when I'm fresh.   Question: Do you listen to music while writing code? Bjarne Stroustrup:  Quite often, yes.  I have a mixture of stuff on the computer; I just plug in the earphones and listen.  And there's a mixture, there's classical, there's a bit of rock, there's a bit of country.  It's quite surprising what I can actually work with and what I can't because it really does affect it.  There's music that sort of takes over and you think about the music, rather than the code.  That's no good.  And then there's music that you don't hear... that doesn't help either.  And well, so well I found something that works, probably just for me, but I like some music.  
Recorded August 12, 2010 Interviewed by Max Miller

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Sam Dave Pollard
Watched a bunch of interviews with this guy. Never seen a hint of him being anything other than 100% humble. Pretty amazing, considering his contribution.
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Jay Bartgis
If only I could be as brilliant as Bjarne Stroustrup.
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Zack Mitkin
I program at night, I can't think in the morning...
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Gabriel R.
Did He say bodybuilder edition? hahaha
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anti/HUMAN Designs
Try coding while listening to Slipknot. It makes you code come out quite angry. You'll start noticing that your function names have some attitude.
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#nclude c++ using naeme{ Count <> "I too can code and stuff" >> ; } return void();
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bilen basarir
He is a living legend.
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#include<iostream> using namespace std; int main(){ cout << "This guy is awesome" << endl; return 0; }
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Most non pretentious computer science genius when he talks about using Windows.
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