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Uploaded on Feb 12, 2012

"painted faces fill the places i can't reach."
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HD pretty please! :)

considering the fact i worked on this video for 2 whole days, sitting by my laptop like some computer junkie, i can honestly cay i'm hooked to these two.
okay, i'm gonna try not to be lazy & write a long description.

they should never have that girl saying two lines per episode. THAT IS A WASTE.

i swear, i shipped caroline with so many guys on this show-matt, tyler, stefan...& i kinda still do, but these sparks between klaus&caroline literally made me smile & giggle like an idiot watching this last episode. it may have something to do with the fact i'm totally crushing on joseph morgan (*innocent whistle*). but i am so positively surprised how well the writers are handling their storyline so far (while DE wouldn't be the perfect example of their brilliancy). i know there's only been two episodes of their interaction, but i've seen so much potential in those two episodes than i saw with some couples of this show in 2 seasons. i feel like such a beautiful, tragic love story could be told between these two. and i know a lot of caroline&tyler fans couldn't disagree more with this pairing and some people are concerned about the fact it might ruin caroline's character, but i think that depends on perspective. if you ask me, i don't think caroline will ever fully love klaus. like she loved matt or might love tyler (i don't really know how she feels about tyler, cos she never said it), but i think she could care about him, the way nobody ever did. i said it before, i think both of them have so much to learn. klaus about human beings & emotions, how to 'connect with people' like caroline said. while she could learn about all the benefits of being immortal & indulging in beauties of the world (haha i sound like a geek). anyways, how awesome would it be if klaus actually took her to all those cities? i'm smiling just thinking about it. i just can't wait for more scenes between them cos i feel each scene is gonna be more & more brilliant.
not that this is a super long desc, but i did my best :D

i would really appreciate your feedback. + feel free to write your thoughts about this couple. :)

please don't mention it in the comments.

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