Bill Cosby Comments on Obama's Broken Promises





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Published on Apr 15, 2012

Bill Cosby comments on the reasons for President Obama's broken promises on immigration reform and on other issues during his appearance on the April 15, 2012, edition of CNN's "The Situation Room"

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Terram Lucida Tela Concilium
Don't tell me Obama got treated worse than Bush. Bush got called a retard every single day he was in office. This isn't about race, this is about Obama being held accountable just like every white president before him. 
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Paul Murphy
We should be nice to Obama because he is black?  Isn't that racism too.  Conservatives are now being called racist because they treat Obama like any other president. Now that bass ackwards, man.
John ming
cosby is blinded by  obamas colour thats all there is to it the blacks will stand up for him right up till the day he throws them in the gas chamber .. thats just how they are they choose to ignore all the lies and communist activities he is engaged in  all they see is a half black man in charge
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Sam Pendleton
Jesus... I've never seen so many excuses made for a politician. Literally nothing is this guy's fault, ever. If everyone would just stand back and let him do whatever he thinks he needs to do, unopposed and unfettered, everything would be okay.
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John Driver
I like Bill, and yes Obama was the first Black President but it was not his color that has turned us against him. It is His socialistic politics (extreme liberal), his subversion of the constitution, his support of Federal overrule and limiting the states self rule, BIG government and lack of honesty. He constantly says one thing and does another.
Chris Bryson
Who is "blatantly speaking out against his color", Mr. Cosby? WHO? Give me an example. Any prominent people? Any insignificant people? Well, yes, some insignificant people are likely out there being racist, but that's nothing new -some prominent black people are always saying racist things against white people, they get famous doing so as comedians or pretend civil rights figures, Like JJ and AS. But what significant group is saying anything about Obama's color?
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Markee z
I just hope we can vote for presidents again instead of color and gender. There is no way in hell we got our president based on facts. If you believe that maybe the end of  this country is near.
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Cosby has his head in his own ass, probably praises carter too. Carter was just a dipshit, this one is an evil liar.
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tom lester
Being EDUCATED doesn't mean you have common sense. Bill has his Blinders on. He must be watching MSNBC. Stick to your job Bill. Don't get into politics...
So 95% of Blacks voted for Obama,....what if 95% of Whites would have voted for Romney?,.....this would be called racism. But Racism no longer plays a role in America the reason people don't like Obama is because he Sucks not because he is Black,...its racist to think its because of his color
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