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Published on Aug 21, 2012

In which John ponders whether a college degree is worth the high tuition, student loans, opportunity cost, and low-paying entry-level positions involved. Is the cost involved worth the returns? Is this even a simple economic question, or are there intangible benefits that come along with education?
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"Here, have this gift of life fulfilment." "Wow! Thanks!" "That will be a unicorn and your mother's left lung." "...*Sigh* okay."
I dropped out of community college in my freshman year Nothing interested me , i always wondered why they insisted in giving me a bunch of useless classes that i didnt need why cant they show me the job and period ? I am now looking to a career in truck driving.
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There's obviously a direct correlation with how much you study and how well you do. I was an average student with a 3.6 GPA through high-school. Until I got into Calculus.. That shit is beautiful, by far the best subject, and teacher I've ever taken. I was in AB first semester but I was compelled to challenge myself even more. I moved to BC second semester and lemme tell you.. I would sleep late and wake up early every single day. The AP test came around and I knew I had gotten a 5 as soon as I walked out of the testing center. A 5 in BC Calculus.. yet i was ranked 105 out of 540 in my class. Point being: do what makes you happy. Don't get sucked in to the bullshit routines and change it up every now and then. I partied the hardest my senior year, but ironically got the best grades that year. Oh, and as far as college goes... lol just look at Bill Gates GG mate I'm out
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Random Rants of Ryan
Becoming a better observer of the universe doesn't mean you have to go 100k indebt and fuck your life up.  Sorry!!  The best university is the one where you ask yourself the question "WHO AM I" That is the only question that matters.  When you find out who you are.  All of the secrets and wonders of the universe become self apperant.
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Bill T
If you are studying poetry in college, it isn't worth it.
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I have an existential crisis pretty much every day, so no you're not alone.
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Dean M
Go to college, by all means. Just remember, once you graduate the banks are going in dry, and you won't be able to afford lube
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I've been in the computer animation career for over 10 years... most people who are in charge... didn't go or didn't finish college. I didn't go to college and I usually find myself in supervising positions over people who went to college and get paid exactly what I get paid. Heck, I didn't go to college and usually find myself knowing more about things, in my career or otherwise, than my college graduate counterparts. My brother didn't even finish high school and now runs a regional truck dispatch office... My sister and brother in law both went to college and still work as servers at restaurants... College, while an advantage, doesn't mean shit if you don't have it in you. I wager how you were raised at home has more to do with how well you will do in life than anything you can learn in college.
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Going to college just for the degree isn't enough. It has to be for what YOU want, because then money and time spent to learn what they offer would be well worth spent. Don't live a meaningless life as just another cog in the Work Machine and do what you want to do. Never compromise for anything, because it's your life, and if you're reading this it means you've got no excuse for luxury not to.
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Regina Vilela
College is so different here in Portugal! We pay around 1000€ per year, almost no one buys text books (they're available at the library and online so no need to spend money on it), you have the opportunity to do, at least, an internship to actually get used to working in real life and I think it is on par with some of the best countries in Europe. There's a reason over 50% of college graduates move to another country a few years after finishing their degree...
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