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Published on Jul 8, 2012

Yes, that is a monkey. A word of warning to my impressionable little sister who thinks a cult will solve her problems of feeling unaccepted.

BionicDance's You Make My Life Worse - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSF5U8...

theskepticalheretic's For BionicDance: New Atheism or Ignorant Atheism - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eErkF1...

theskepticalheretic's A Follow-up on the Protestant Work Ethic - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_0Gsz...

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Comments • 1,299

it bothers me that people assume that if you don't look happy you must not be happy. i am content with my life, just because i don't wear a smile non stop doesn't mean i'm not enjoying the moment, beside that, smiles feel like paid for birthday cards, cheezy.
Short Life
That's very open minded.
Dong Destroyer
dear readers, all relgiion was created to opppress women. don't take my word for it. just LOOK AROUND.
Anik Boy
XD  lol islam is the ultimate scam. promise of eternal life? you know that someone dies and there existense ends? who proved that lol? ur  yoga teacher ?
Noel Plum
I think your sister demonstrates why religions will never die. An atheist mother and a very rational and clear thinking sister and it has made no difference. this is why we could talk about a 'wrold without religion' until we are blue in the face, it is all academic: it will never happen. nice vid and pleased life is good for you Peach :)
Also, I am not trolling, these are straight facts. According to the #1 book you hate and discredit, The Holy Bible.
Oath Bound Secrets
Great video peach, thanks for sharing. )O(
""You can't deny Jesus existed, it is a historical fact proven by the Bible and no scientist questions"" Good bye, I see that my time here is wasted
1)When looking for truths, you should be looking at credible information that's well supported with evidence, conducted by professionals. Creationists sites are in the business of only providing the evidence that supports their agenda, while warping facts and creating strawmans; this is because, unlike in science, they seek what they want to be true based on preheld conclusions, rather than seeking the truth as it is 2) Fossils are not even the main factor use in dating evolution, the genome is
fine, maybe not a poe, but still incredibly ignorant and likely has ones head deluded by confirmation bias sites like Answering Genesis. There are literally thousands of resources on the Internet alone, from reputable scientists and education sites, showing and explaining transitional fossils. It's simply not my fault that you've someone decided to only read creationist gobblegosh and ignore the evidence
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