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  1. Polls show distrust of government

  2. Web Extra: Jonathan Steitz

  3. George: Milwaukee is failing

  4. Steitz: Opponent waffled on Act 10

  5. Lawsuit would overturn campaign finance law

  6. Burke ad echoes Baldwin spot

  7. Burke: People are enthusiastic

  8. Burke: Disappointed in Walker

  9. Burke says same-sex marriage 'important issue'

  10. Doe documents don't change minds

  11. Baldwin votes for VA funding bill

  12. Appling: Judge trumped 'will of the people'

  13. Cantor loss shows tea party strength

  14. Baldwin: Van Hollen should drop appeal

  15. Baldwin: Lack of transparency on prisoner swap

  16. Many state Assembly races go uncontested

  17. Same sex marriage ban struck down

  18. Kohl's Corp. pursues 'greatness agenda'

  19. New EPA rule would curb carbon emissions

  20. Heroin deaths increasing in Wisconsin

  21. Walker plans more tax reform

  22. Walker wants options for parents

  23. Pollster: Turnout is key to victory

  24. Existence of skills gap debated

  25. Shocking crime rocks Milwaukee

  26. Southeast Wisconsin deeply polarized

  27. Lucey had long political career

  28. Van Hollen appeals Voter ID ruling

  29. Lawmaker: Republicans helping Milwaukee

  30. Former prosecutors criticize John Doe ruling

  31. Madison confronts big city problems

  32. High numbers of lawmakers retiring

  33. Harris to run as fiscally responsible progressive

  34. Senator: Prospects for Voter ID 'dim'

  35. Milwaukee metro area divided politically

  36. Republicans helped put federal judge on bench

  37. Leibham running for Congress

  38. GOP convention to vote on secession resolution

  39. Party leader says open seats in play

  40. Democrats embrace economic populism

  41. Johnson wants 'transition' from Obamacare

  42. Sheehy: Public support needed for new arena

  43. Stroebel: District wants new leadership

  44. Candidate says district is must-win

  45. Walker grabs taxes as key message

  46. Final Thoughts

  47. Republican vs. Republican

  48. Closing the Racial Achievement Gap

  49. Sidelined Candidate Critiques Race for Governor

  50. Milwaukee affects rest of state

  51. Insurance companies ready exchange plans

  52. Lt. Murphy reflects on Sikh Temple tragedy

  53. Economists React to Jobs Data

  54. Wide Open Search for New UW Leader

  55. Senator says no bailout for Detroit

  56. Mercury Marine's success story

  57. Public doesn't trust government

  58. Democrats wait on 2014 candidate

  59. Harris considering governor's race

  60. Lawmakers debate new abortion law

  61. Democrats could have primary for governor

  62. Senate reaches student loan deal

  63. Lawmakers debate mine security, protests

  64. Moore: Health care reform bumpy

  65. Huebsch: Walker running for re-election

  66. Assemblyman says mine company could leave

  67. Tax cut money won't appear until next year

  68. School voucher expansion set to begin

  69. State to require food stamp recipients to work

  70. We Energies concerned about new climate change rules

  71. Lawmaker says same-sex marriage ban will be lifted eventually

  72. Improving job numbers help Walker

  73. Republicans face serious questions about WCIJ

  74. Walker appears at Iowa GOP event

  75. Poll shows support for immigration reform

  76. Democratic chairman predicts Senate control

  77. Republican lawmakers make decisions for Milwaukee

  78. Johnson up for re-election in 2016

  79. Johnson: Ambassador didn't have to die

  80. Lawmaker says WEDC can be fixed

  81. GOP working on Latino outreach

  82. School voucher expansion proposed

  83. Democrats look for candidate for governor

  84. Tuition freeze likely at UW

  85. Reilly defends reserve fund

  86. DOT defends governor's plan to borrow

  87. Mayor fights for residency rule

  88. County board proposes its own reforms

  89. Governor on trade mission to China

  90. No gun legislation in Wisconsin

  91. Non-partisan judicial races changing

  92. Kaufert: Walker, DNR, tribes need to talk

  93. Dane County confronts climate change

  94. New bills would toughen OWI penalties

  95. Thompson: Election loss was disappointing

  96. President to meet with House Republicans

  97. President launches charm offensive

  98. Republican senators want change in vouchers

  99. Senate to vote on Hagel nomination

  100. Baldwin says sequester likely

  101. Tuesday vote on Supreme Court race

  102. Governor expands BadgerCare program

  103. Hero officer attends State of the Union address

  104. Governor considers tax changes

  105. Priebus: GOP must be open to all

  106. Democrats reach out to Wisconsin voters

  107. Priebus: Electoral vote changes up to states

  108. GOP stars chart new course

  109. CEO says Wisconsin good place for business

  110. GE Healthcare responds to medical device tax

  111. Abele: PSA like movie trailer

  112. Walker invited to CPAC in March

  113. Walker on Act 10, mining, tax cuts

  114. State needs infrastructure repair

  115. Expanding voucher program won't be easy

  116. Wisconsin has full-time state lawmakers

  117. Megna says he is serious candidate

  118. Bill would slash county board pay and budget

  119. State education reforms coming

  120. Grothman defends Kwanzaa statements

  121. Candidate calls state Supreme Court 'dysfunctional'

  122. MU grad missing in Syria

  123. New faces in Legislature

  124. Tax restructuring important for business

  125. State business climate improving

  126. 2012 was big political year in Wisconsin

  127. Business leaders outline priorities for lawmakers

  128. Numbers in the news

  129. Reports critical of WEDC

  130. WEDC headlines not good for business

  131. Board member says WEDC hasn't performed

  132. Barrett says country needs tougher gun laws

  133. Same-day voter registration controversy

  134. Some lawmakers eye GAB changes

  135. Roggensack runs for re-election

  136. GOP has mixed message on same-day registration

  137. Evers: School districts hurting financially

  138. Same-day voter registration in jeopardy

  139. Legislature to prioritize job creation

  140. Johnson: We need pro-growth tax reform

  141. Gun deer season under way in Wisconsin

  142. Voter ID could return as constitutional amendment

  143. Progressive Democrats enter Legislature

  144. Web Extra: Johnson on Walker decision

  145. State Republicans to continue reform agenda

  146. Romney failed to connect

  147. Former governor says president leads in Wisconsin

  148. RNC chairman predicts undecideds will break for Romney

  149. Newspaper endorsements make news

  150. Early voting under way in Wisconsin

  151. Final U.S. Senate debate

  152. Wisconsin important for presidential campaigns

  153. Political TV ads saturating markets

  154. Senate's top leaders debate majority

  155. U.S. Senate race takes on negative tone

  156. Wisconsin polls tightening

  157. Was truth a casualty in the V.P. debate?

  158. Running mates court Wisconsin

  159. Facing painful economic decisions

  160. Running against Ryan

  161. Jobs report numbers generate debate

  162. MU Law poll shows changing social attitudes

  163. Ryan: 'I feel good about race'

  164. First-time college voters excited for election

  165. Mike Gousha discusses presidential debate

  166. Pocan Current Congress completely dysfunctional

  167. New era of enforcement at Capitol

  168. Lawmakers try again on mining bill

  169. Limited focus for TV ads in Senate race

  170. Baldwin leads Thompson in some polls

  171. AG seeks stay on Act 10 ruling

  172. Baldwin to speak at Democratic convention

  173. Time has come for direct answers

  174. Walker to speak to convention

  175. Walker: No magic bullet on jobs

  176. Walker wants to lower tax burden

  177. Wisconsin polling mixed for Obama, Romney

  178. Web Extra: Thompson reflects on primary win

  179. Thompson looks ahead to Senate campaign

  180. Thompson won't release tax returns

  181. Paul Ryan's congressional opponent discusses race

  182. Tea party likes Ryan despite votes

  183. Wisconsin leads way for Republicans nationally

  184. Romney taps Ryan as running mate

  185. Democratic primary turns ugly

  186. State trying to maintain BadgerCare

  187. Conventional wisdom could be wrong

  188. Neumann says conservatives coming home

  189. Web Extra: Eric Hovde will release tax returns

  190. Hovde claims lead in Senate race

  191. Rough Republican Senate primary

  192. Drought help for farmers

  193. Campaign ads go negative

  194. Governor might need to referee

  195. No Wisconsin insurance exchanges

  196. Wisconsin Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner contends White House use of executive privilege is illegal

  197. Wisconsin Attorney General defends governor's delay on implementing health care reform

  198. Economist says European troubles will continue

  199. Lawmaker's daughter battles heroin addiction

  200. Consensus and casino decision