Su-47 vs F-22 Raptor





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Published on Dec 5, 2009

Su-47 vs F-22 Raptor Aerobatics

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Дмитрий Римша
су-47 одна экспериментальная машина, а Ф-22 серийный образец, какой смысл сравнивать их не пойму, по моему глупость просто!
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đorđe đekić
spasiba za to , braćo.
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Legatus Maximus I
F-22, because SU-47 and the PAK FA are prototypes and they haven't completed trials yet. Sorry Russians and Russia fans, F-22 wins
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Legatus Maximus I f22 bc stealth, but the su 47 is freaking amazing
Боба Фетт
fack you! motherfacker! russian technologies is best world ever!
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Everyone loves to glorify war machines until there actually is war. All of you go fuck yourselves
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+Blake Seener Assume? No, I've logically extrapolated your personality based on your comments, which lead me to conclude that your remarks about owning 9 guns and belonging to a militia are, in all probability, lies designed to give a false impression of experience to your rather pointless contentions.
+Blake Seener Well, Blake, if I were you, I would pray that Russia's military are at least peer to the US. Because this guarantees balance. There was a span when USA thought it is the sole super force in the world, let's count how many wars USA started during this time span ? And let's count how many wars the US has started during 300 years of it's existance. Learn your country's history. Russia is thousand years civilisation, and  it has started much less wars than the USA has for less than 300 years. And Russia won many wars, and the US - none.
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Francisco G
Come on guys, the only real fact is that never was a competition between F-22 and Su-47, so we can only speculate about which aircraft will win in a "dog-fight" but no need to insult or underestimate others. Both of you have good aircrafts, Russia has the very impressive Tupolev 160, Mig-29 capable of the very famous "Cobra" maneuver by Pugachev, Su-27, Su35, Pak-Fa..., USA has the F-16, F-18, F-22, F-35... So why this? Do you need a war to demonstrate which aircraft is better? Keep this in mind, the best combat aircraft in the world is the one you never have to use. Even a bad aircraft can kill people dropping a bomb.
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Andy Garcia
+CRsVette II The MiG29 Was the Soviet Union's response to the F-X Program, They did not know of the YF-17 Cobra until it was developed into the F/A-18 Hornet that entered service 1982.
CRsVette II
Mig-29 = stolen F-18
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Jan Semerád
US raptor wins in all times
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Specter24 SK
Is this cold war rebirth or what?
Nacir Merrouche
7777777fresh su-47 .waw i love it
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Swe clasher
it's so entertaining watching all the 'military expert' and 'pilots' arguing and fighting about which nation has strongest weapons and most advanced, so sad kids....
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+Julius K. ...
Julius K.
clash of cancer
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F-22 sluggish just like America…..
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The form of Su-27 Su-30 and Su-35 is very beautiful...
Even SU-35 is better than F-22
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Тупое видео , почему не показали Su-35 или Su-50 (Т-50) машины которые реально есть , стоят и скоро пойдут на вооружение ? Su-47 это просто лаборатория для испытания новых систем , а первоначально его хотели сделать истребителем пятого поколения , но в конце отказались и отдали предпочтение Т-50 . I transfer from GOOGLE TRANSLATOR. Video nonsense, why not show Su-35 or Su-50 (T-50) of the machine that really is, are and will soon go into service? Su-47 is a laboratory for testing new systems, and initially it wanted to make a fighter of the fifth generation, but in the end refused and preferred T-50.
+ExcAliBur Channel иди в анус !
ExcAliBur Channel
+В В Путин Обама черт Ты дурачок? Или притворяешься? На дату видео посмотри и не позорься!
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