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Published on Apr 21, 2011

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BASED ON https://wongfuphil.wordpress.com/2008...

Every relationship goes through stages. Where and how each stage develops is ultimately up to each person. While we always hope for the best, we often can't avoid the inevitable.

Written and Directed by Philip Wang
Produced with Wesley Chan and Ted Fu
Assistant Producer: Christine Chen
Production Assistant: Regina Fang

Cathy Nguyen http://youtube.com/lilcdawg
Philip Wang http://instagram.com/wongfuphil
David Choi http://youtube.com/davidchoimusic
Chris Dinh http://twitter.com/chrisdinh

Original music by George Shaw http://georgeshaw.bandcamp.com/album/...
Sheet music http://georgeshawmusic.com/Store.html
"Cambridge" by Kina Grannis http://youtube.com/kinagrannis
"So Weightless" by David Choi http://youtube.com/davidchoimusic

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Comments • 31,387

Wong Fu Productions
On this day, "Strangers, again" is 3 years old. It's incredible to see how viewers are still responding to it, and how it's affected peoples' lives over this time. Watching it now, compared to back then, many of you have a new understanding of the same video. Our work evolves as you do, and that's really amazing to us.
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Madison Lor
I'm crying. I hope I'm not the only one.
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Denny & Michelle
Watched this 6 years ago, still hits home.
CrazyMonkey 0117
i wanted the part where he punched the guy instead 😂
Sabrina Thai
ok ive watched this SOOO many times but i never noticed that @ 5:26 and more after the scene where they're both just watching tv, in the background the scenes that are playing are barney from how i met your mother introducing the playbook and how he gets women and then right after is the scene from friends when ross and rachel break up after getting back together and rachel made ross read that super long letter she wrote; i seriously cannot emphasize how much i respect wong fu's artistry because those two tv scenes add so much meaning when you notice them in line with this short the level of commitment they have to their craft is amazing bravo guys bravo
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wow, 15 million views. Never would've thought this video would reach this far, and represent so much to some. In retrospect, it seems like this video is means the most not when you first watched it... but when you look back on it much later. Thank you all!
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Violet Shotter
"We are no longer born into an era where, if something is broken, you fix it. Instead, now, you throw it out because you can afford to get a new one" Love is work. Even when its going well you should still be working on it and yourself and your relationship, bettering it. Because if you only start doing that when it's falling apart... you have nothing to fall back on. there is no reason though to give up on it. Even if it's hard. you felt those feelings once. you can feel them again. For those people regretting. You could have tried harder. Admit it. But you didn't. You could have done better. But you didn't. And maybe at the time you didn't realize it. Maybe at the time you didn't see what you could have done, maybe you should have been more forgiving, more loving, more supportive, less angry, tried harder to talk, tried harder to be with them. To make your feelings known. Don't make the same mistakes. Learn. better yourself. you don't find your future, you need to make it. Go out there, be bold. Winning an argument isn't as important as loving your partner, and making sure they're okay. sometimes it helps to swallow mean words and just let things go. Sometimes admitting your wrong is really really important. Sometimes taking the time to really be with them hundred percent to just love them is really important. Sometimes just telling them plainly your feelings for them is what's needed even if you feel vulnerable and unloved yourself, make an effort even if they don't, someone's got to lead, and if you do, it could just be the saving grace for your relationship. Be the difference even when your shot down, or hurt, or feel unloved. It's hard, it really really is, and you may not want to, you may be waiting on them to first, but your pride and short-lived pain aren't worth the love of your life. Ever. Nothing is. I would know. Just because its broken, doesn't mean it can't be fixed. Just because pieces are missing, doesn't mean you love them any less. It's not worth losing that special person in your life. Sometimes all it takes is a loving word when you feel like been mean. BE the Change.
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I just watched this again after a few years, and now I'm confused. Are they still together, or was him running to the car to talk to Marissa (Cathy) just in his imagination?
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Bach Nguyen
5 years later and this is still relevant.
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Honestly, this type of thing happens with friendships. And I have never been in a romantic relationship so, I'm scared. I never want this to happen to me. Ahahahha! Crazy cat woman! Cat woman forever!
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