KOF Klub: King of FIghters 2002: Rugal Bernstein.....Again





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Published on May 26, 2009

Back to KOF bosses today. This time around we're ognna be looking at the game which is so totally obsolete its not funny.

2002 naturally meant we'd get a KOF game and we did. The second under the unification of SNK, Playmore and Eolith. This time around...

Well, seeing as we had the New Faces team adn Mature and Vice here, obviously it was anon-canon dream match game, so no storyline here. Just pure fun, right?

Not exactly. The music was totally bland, the stages were forgettable, adn since when the hell did Blue Mary's team do ANYTHING in 97? Seriously, they weren't the main villains of that game. Only IDIOTS believe this (Yes, even Kao Megura called them this in his FAQ)

Anywy, the final boss...well, they couldn't think of anyone else, so they brought in Rugal Bernstein again. This time around he hung around in a junk yard in the middle of an airship.

Rugal now had HUGELY bumped up stats. He was a little step down, he lost Vanishing Rush and Gravity Smash, but regained Reppuken and Kaiser Wave. This time around, Kaiser Wave came out instantly and if you charged it up fully, it was completely unblockable. He also gained a new move, Beads Destructor. It was good for readying a painful extra combo hit if you were into that stuff. He aslo got a completely useless HSDM/MAX2 but thats a story for another day (And I don't mean that horrible anime they made)

Anyone who watches anime may recognize Rugal's new voice actor, Norio WAakmoto. To me, his performance is somewhat underwhelming, but I do kinda miss him since he is replaced by 2002 UM

Anyway, when you face Rugal, it shows a disembodied hadn bombing an airship before it cuts to Rugal.

To cap his increased stats off, he has a demonic AI which you should watch out for.

Anyway, once you beat him, he dies much like in KOF Game-Number-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named-Because-I-Hate-It (SPOILERSIMEAN95) and his airship explodes....revealing Heidern saved you, and will take all the credit despite doing jack shit to help.

Well....yeah, Eolith fucked up KOF badly. No wonder SNK broke away from them come 2003.

Anyway, here's Rugal's moves:

Reppuken: QCF and any punch: Its back adn its not very mentionable.

Kaiser Wave: Given a huge overhaul this time around: The level 1 Kaiser Wave can come out INSTANTLY, the Level two version....not very different and the level 3 version is outright UNBLOCKABLE. Dayamn thatrs nasty.

Genocide Cutter: Forward, Down, Down-Forward and any kick: Not much to say on his most feared move, except the Strong Kick version now has an extra attack placed on the end of it.

DarkBarrier/AH HA HA CIRCLE: QCF and any kick: Nothing new. I'm yawning already.

God Press: HCB and any punch: Hasn't changed

Beads Destructor: HCB and any kick: A New move! How about that. Rugal charges forward with some painful kicks. The Strong Kick version has an extra attack on the end of it, but hte Low Kick version can set up the enemy for some extra combo attacks.

DESPERATION MOVE: Gigantic Pressure: QCF, HCB and any punch: Rugal does God PRess with an added Skull Pillar. The SDM version adds an EXTRA God Press-Skull Pillar ot the mix.

Destruction Omega/GRand Evil Laugh Combo Of YOU GONNA DIE: QCFx2 and any kick: Rugal attempts to grab you. Should he succeed, he combos seven shades of shit out of you. The SDM version is worse if you combo it from Low Kick Beads Destructor.

HSDM/MAX2: Kaiser Phoenix: Yes, Rugal has a HSDM/MAX2 and it is TOTAL FUCKING RUBBITCH. Rugal basically spams Kaiser Wave. Sound deadly to you? What if I told you that he mostly ever fires 5 of them, sometimes 11 of them, you can get launched into the air by one of them, making them completely miss you all while that one does negligible damage? Yeah, doesn't sound so cool after all huh? At least 2002 UM fixes this by letting htem OTG you (As in hit you when you're on the ground)...but now it does abosutely PITIFUL damage. So fuck Kaiser Phoenix, I WANT DEAD END SCREAMER BACK.

Adn now, fi you please, I'd like to have a moment of silence for the sad loss of the legendary Dead End Screamer/Rugalspin.

BORN 1998
DIED 2002


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