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Published on Apr 2, 2012

Here's one of our 5-chest runs for Cutter's Cry. It was kind of a messy run at the start, but it's not too bad and we get the job done.

5-chesting this instance is a lot easier than Aurum Vale. Basically, all you need to do is a clean 4-chest run and you'll get the 5th without much extra effort. I don't think I need to go into a super detailed strategy here, so I'll just give a few pointers.

We run the first part with 2 WARs, 2 BLMs, 2 THMs, and 2 WHMs. The THMs are for Sanguine Rite and support. I switch from THM to DRG for the Princess fight, then back to THM again, and the 2nd WAR switches to BLM for a final group of WAR, 2 THMs, 3 BLMs, 2 WHMs for the Chiemra fight.

To get the 4th chest, in the first room after your party splits, be sure a Drone dies last. They don't all need to, just one. Once you're together again, in the next two rooms kill the Sentries last. In the next room, be sure and grab both chests. After that, it's the Myrmidon Princess fight.

Here, it's helpful to have a melee focus on DDing the Princess. In order to get the 4th chest, the Princess must die before the Marshal. We find that DRG works well because it has a strong AoE with Ring of Talons to help kill the Guard if need be (as an aside, you can see why I button mash so much usually, as my Keen Flurry just plain doesn't go off). BLMs/THMs focus on AoEing down the adds and Guard pops (Guards have to die fast or they'll heal the Princess/Marshal). 1 WAR tanks the Princess, and the other keeps hate on the Marshal while DDing the Princess. Once the Princess is dead, kill the Marshal. Also, sorry for the 2 second jump in the video, fraps decided to stop recording for some reason...

In the next room, kill the Sabotenders and sleep the Piestes. Be sure and grab the chest. In the following room, kill the Doblyns, then pull both groups of Basilisks/Piestes and AoE them down. The main party then goes through the middle port, and one person goes through the one in the corner and grabs the chest. In the next room, be sure and grab the chest, then sleep everything and head to Chimera.

This fight can be finicky. The best thing I can suggest is to watch the video and mimic our positioning as much as possible. If the tank stands where Ashiee is and points Chimera at the angle she is, and the mages stand where we are, no one should get hit by either Chaotic Chorus or Voice of the Dragon, and everyone should be safe from traps.

At the start of the fight, enmity can be a concern, so we have the THMs toss in cures then and a little throughout the fight to keep WHM hate down. For the first part of the fight, the tank can dodge Chimera's various breaths. Dodge to either side for Lion, right for Ram, and left for Dragon.

At around 70%, ant adds will start spawning. Just AoE them down until they stop. At this point we have a BLM continue to focus damage on Chimera as well. After this, the traps will begin to become more violent. At this point we find it best for the tank to just stand still and take breaths, with the mages healing them. If you're positioned right, Voice of the Dragon shouldn't be a concern, but be sure stoneskin is up on the mages anyway. Otherwise, just nuke him down, and you're done!

Thanks for watching!

Phoenix Order LS of Aegis - http://phoenixorder.guildwork.com


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