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Published on Aug 10, 2010

All of the quotations from the Spectre in StarCraft 2.

Voice actor: ?

"I have awakened."

"Bring it!"
"Feed the rage!"
"What's your call?"
"Enlighten me."
"I'm tired of waiting"
"Come on, already!"

"They're 'marked for death'. Good thing I'm 'hard to kill'. 'Cause we're all standing 'on deadly ground', and no one is 'above the law'."
"I can taste your mind... Mmm, salty!"
"You... complete me."
"This one's got your name on it." (gun shot) "Damn, missed. Good thing this one has your name on it." (gun shot) "Okay, I'm pretty sure this one has your... what the hell is your name, anyway?"
("Welcome to Anger Management Volume One. Repeat after me: Anger does not dictate my life.") "Anger does not dictate my life." ("Anger does not dictate my life.") "You just said that, you stupid..."
"I'm gonna sweep the leg. You got a problem with that?"

"One step ahead."
"Mercy is for the weak."
"The time has come."
"I'm already there."
"Just stay out of my way."
"I sense their fear."

"Hell is here."
"They can't win."
"Get 'em a body bag."
"I'll kill anything that moves."
"I'm dying, anyway."
"They're living on borrowed time."

"Fade to black." (Cloak)
"Scorched earth." (Nuclear Strike)
"Lights out." (EMP Shot)
"Goin' deep." (enter bunker)
"Who needs cover?" (exit bunker)
"Oh, things were just getting interesting." (enter dropship)
"I need more juice." (low energy)

"Where's my backup?"

"I'm gone..."

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Steve Son
Boy, Commander Shepard has some really bad anger issues.
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I am Commander Shepard and this is my favorite YouTube video on the internet.
Kevin Duane Lacuata
+sebool112 Thanks! Would've taken me forever to know that if not for you.
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They are "Marked for Death" (1990), good thing Im "Hard to Kill" (1990), cause we are all standing "On Deadly ground" (1994), and no one is "Above the law" (1988). So its confirmed, the spectre is Steven Seagal.
That explains why he has no neck.
Azrael Bound
Spectre > Ghost
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-Rage'- bLacKouT
Ghost is nuker... lol guys
Rohit Eligeti
+Azrael Bound Ya they have awesome special abilities than ghosts.
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Epic Mormon Brony
why the fuck aren't specters available for multiplayer?
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Mr. Fartworthy
+Takedrugskillabear that's what happens when the original team of blizzard north all left the company, remember they made the masterpiece diablo 1 and 2?
+combinecommando001 True
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Specters are better than ghost by a long shot.
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They got more damage though.
ahhh i like the ghosts range and sniper ability the spectres have crappy range
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Dr. Thrax
I died at "Mm, Salty!"
Well your brain is where your thoughts take place. Your blood does enter and exit your brain.. And Blood is salty.. 
I think these guys are better, just because I find the Ghost's voice in SC2 waaaaay too gay.
the sc2 ghost sounds like he just took a lot of drugs and now regrets his decision
I have a crush on this man's voice..
I find the Spectre to be far more useful/interesting than the Ghost
Doomie Grunt
Anger does not dictate my life. "Anger does not dictate my life." Anger does not dictate my life. "You just said that, you stupid..."
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