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Published on Aug 27, 2010

BLOOPERS: http://bit.ly/FiretruckBloopers
GET THE SONG: http://smo.sh/WMZv7l

MILKSHAKE MUSIC VIDEO: http://bit.ly/MilkyMilkshake


In this music video, we give you an alternative to the F-word. Your mother will be pleased.

Special thanks to iJustine for making a cameo: http://youtube.com/ijustine
Hey it's our very own website: http://smosh.com
Oh and our Facebook page: http://facebook.com/smosh
Want to know when we're filming and/or pooping? Now you can: http://twitter.com/smosh

Now here's the thing about saying firetruck
It starts F and it ends with UCK
So whenever you're in trouble or out of luck
You no longer have to exclaim "OH F**K"
Hey look at that they just bleeped me
Instead say firetruck, it's so easy
And I'd like to take a moment just sit right there
I'll tell you how you can say firetruck anywhere

Stub your toe, FIRETRUCK
Lose your cash, FIRETRUCK
You're naked and your parents come home, FIRETRUCK
Fail your class, FIRETRUCK
Scratch your ass, FIRETRUCK
Clip your nails too short and it hurts, FIRETRUCK
Crap your pants, FIRETRUCK
Bite your tongue, FIRETRUCK
No one shows up to your party, FIRETRUCK
Red Ring of Death, FIRETRUCK
Forget to breathe, FIRETRUCK
Found out your mom is your dad, FIRETRUCK

Say firetruck every chance you see
It's even more fun when it gets bleeped
Say it with me now, don't make this suck
-Whoa man, did you just say f**k?
Naw man, I just said Firetruck
-But when you bleep it, it says f**k
Who cares man, we're sayin' firetruck!

Lose your teeth, FIRETRUCK
iPhone bill, FIRETRUCK
Jonas Brothers stuck in your head, FIRETRUCK
Crash your car, FIRETRUCK
Into your dog, FIRETRUCK
Turns out your dog is your mom, FIRETRUCK-

Wait, so now my mom's a dog?
And your dad
This is just getting ridiculous
You act like that's not normal-
It is in Canada
So they have man-dog-women in Canada?

Fail science, FIRETRUCK
Eat a pencil, FIRETRUCK
There's over 500 Pokemon, WHAT THE FIRETRUCK?!
Lose the game, FIRETRUCK
David Blaine, FIRETRUCK
Get ran over by a... (what?) FIRETRUCK

So, yeah. Next time you wanna say the F word, just say firetruck. It's more polite.
And if you didn't like this song, go firetruck yourself.

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Cai Halligan
Who's here for their old content, not just because of backwards curse words?
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Aiden the Elemental Avenger
Who cares man theirs saying Firetruck!!!
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There's now over 800 pokémon
View all 28 replies
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Tyler Mauldin
Whenever you have a "FIRETRUCK!" moment, just rub some bacon on it! :D
View all 14 replies
Katester the Greatster
Army of The Well Bread it's just less of Rhett and Link more of the crew and it's just not as good
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Gaming With TyTFireShadow
i kept thinking they said fuck trump for some reason imagine they made a song named fuck trump lmao
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Aadarsh Rawat
Gaming With TyTFireShadow
le ink!sans
Gaming With TyTFireShadow yeah lol
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El Trunks
who is watching this from 2016 . !! love smosh !!!
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Abigail Fleming
mike cruz From 2017!
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NCT 127 who??? (don't kill me i love them oml)
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+park jisung is the cutest thing you'll see today I LOVE YOUR DESCRIPTION (the wings thingy) GOSH IM TRASH
park jisung is the cutest thing you'll see today
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1:44 iJustine?!
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The Original Martian
Lol cuz iPhone bill
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The Musical Nerd Show
"no one shows up to your party" I relate
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Vito Corleone
me too :'(
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GamerGirlGEOJ Vlogs
If you don't like this post go firetruck yourself.
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