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Uploaded on Apr 24, 2009

When Ray Comfort promised to prove the existence of God on national television, he knew he didnt have any evidence or proof to show. He just wanted was to preach his silly sermon on Nightline. Hes an attention whore, trying to look important by biting the ankle cuffs of the trousers of people far better than himself. Thats why he challenged Richard Dawkins to yet another display of Comforts own special brand of certifiable idiocy. If Dawkins agreed, then Comfort would pretend that his own insane ravings were somehow comparable to the consensus held by the worldwide scientific community. And if Dawkins refuses to offer airtime to somebody so obviously undeserving of it, then Comfort would pretend that Dawkins was afraid to debate him as if anyone should be afraid to debate Ray Comfort. So he gets free publicity either way.

But Dawkins isnt an adequate or appropriate choice to debate Ray Comfort either. Dont get me wrong, I do respect Dr. Dawkins experience, his dedication and education in this area, but I just wanna bitch slap him every time he says that hes a Darwinist. People who understand the principles, practice and philosophy of science are not Darwinists. Weve come quite a way since the 19th century, thank you.

Still Dawkins has a doctoral degree and decades of professorial experience teaching advanced scholars in some of the most prestigious in the US and the UK. Why should he waste his time giving airtime to an uneducated infomercial fraud who doesnt even know what evolution is? I think Comfort should debate someone with credentials equal to his own, and I believe I have found just the right person at the administrative office of our University of Texas. Unfortunately, hes still cleaning urinals in the mens room.

So why not? Ill do it. I will challenge Ray Comfort to a debate. It will be an online debate, not a live one. Because in science accuracy matters more than the performance behind the podium. And whenever Comfort brings in his fudged figures, erroneous assertions of irrelevant nonsense, or out-of-context quote mining trying to argue from authority, I should have time enough to research and adequately expose every error he makes. Of course he has that same right to do that with me, although he wont find an opportunity and still wouldnt have the means if he could. So lets do it; lets have a dozen or so mutual exchanges opening with a three-and-a-half minute statement on one specific position, and keep our discussion focused only on that topic. Ill even let him choose what it is. We could talk about our taxonomic classification within primates, or the dozens of directly-observed and documented instances of macroevolution recorded in peer-reviewed journals, the hundreds of definite transitions unambiguously evident in the fossil record, or what distinguishes evolution from abiogenesis, or cosmology, or atheism, or religion; any of these things Comfort somehow still doesnt know dick about, Id be happy to teach him as long as its in a free and unrestricted venue where he wont be able to sell his books or videos to the losers in the lobby. Because Ill only allow him the kind of publicity hes earns for himself, and Ill only do that if I feel that he wont make a dime off me. Well let lawyers with the League of Reason work out any rules, and to determine the winner, well set up a voting system impervious to automated artifice, and of course well allow unrestricted discussion on all the boards of each video submitted. Because to do otherwise could only be an admission of cowardice implying an indefensibly dishonest position. When you wont let comments appear until or unless theyre approved, thats what it means! So what do you say? Because it wouldnt be possible for me to lose a debate against someone like you, and I think you and I both know there was never even one point you could argue in your favor that would ever turn out to be right.


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