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Published on Sep 12, 2012

The last video was about how to set up the machine, in this video we actually put the arc to the metal and do some welding. It was my first time Tig welding so don't be too hard on me. Mr. Tig was a great teacher and I was happy to learn from him.

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refreshing to see someone wanting to learn and ask questions,dont ever concern yourself with comments,95% of them are positive,4 % constructive criticism,and 1% are the people who think they already know it all and think learning is only for kids. im 51 and still don't know much about cars but have learned so much from your channel, keep up the good work .
Eric Stop interrupting the guy GEEZ
Tee Giang
love the vid and the questions youre asking as you go. basically covers anything a noobie would ask! :P
I'm convinced that "Mr. TIG" is an actor. For someone who claims he's an expert on welding, his beads sure suck bad. That's when he even does any welding. He normally just stands around with a torch in his hand talking about welding. Rarely does he actually do anything.  Jody, from Welding Tips and Tricks forgets more about welding in one day than "Mr. Tig" even knows. And Jody does not claim to be an "expert".
+Tec 9 I agree. I believe he's more of a weld engineer than an actual welder. His beads truly are awful. However; that happens when you get older (harder to see, slower reflexes, shake more, etc). The knowledge is there, just not the weld skills.
+Tec 9 damn bro you are pretty harsh... you really think mr tig is a fake?
Deca Namwob
greetings from across the pond. Tig welding is something that I've always wanted to do, these videos have inspired me. thanks to Eric the car guy.
Geeth Perera
Always very useful stuff by Eric. awsome stuff.
You did very good Eric. Hoping to be able to get me 1 Everlast Tig 185 also or 200X.  AK
Im curious as to why you purchased a everlast setup never heard of them?i have been wanting to buy a setup for home use since i cant really bring my work rig home. Hows it holding up it looks like a foreign welder to me (no offense).I was taught on a stick rig with hf start miller.
+John Rambo I don't doubt that the unit itself doesn't perform as well as a miller or hobart. I guess im asking more on being able to repair the product if something happens after the warranty?
Everlast is just as good as a Miller. Will do the same jot at 1/3 the price.
Savvy Customs
By all means let's make a video about a guy learning something and instead produce a video of Wyatt stroking his own ego. Not hard to see who the best man for the job is. Great job Eric. Too bad you had to prompt actual facts to come between the ego and condescending comments from your "instructor". Unsubscribed from the sellout for CK and other over-seas products and subscribed to Eric who still has a humble outlook and great demeanor.  PS: Buy American and keep our money in the US and get an actual warranty while supporting OUR country and not China workers. Price should never be a vote in a decision. Buy once, cry once = never have to buy again. Call Everlast for support and do a video on that. ;)
You say "Buy American and keep our money in the US". LOL......Name one product in your house that's made in America. It's ALL made in China. Unions and politicians have killed the US.  how much of that RC stuff you play with is made in the USA? ZERO. 
Budget Boosting
It's awesome that you got to learn how to Tig weld from an expert to begin with. When my camera guy learned to Tig weld in high school he literally got thrown on a Tig machine with just basic training, and had to learn everything from scratch. Not to mention he needed to learn Aluminum Tig welding which is a whole different ball game them steel....
David Bell
+John Rambo just like sly stallone
Mr Tig is not an expert. He's an actor. 
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