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Published on Oct 9, 2012

Basically, here's my thief character on N Terraria.

N Terraria is a more RPG-sided mod, where you can level up, choose races, classes and increase stats each level. You can raise "Melee", "Ranged", "Magic" (Those 3 are obviously the damage done), "Defense", "Critical", "Move Speed", "ASPD" (Which is Attack Speed) and "Dodge" (You have a chance to "dodge" enemies attack, even if they give you knockback upon "hit").

It also adds new items, new craftables, new drops, a few new enemies, and gives enemies levels and ranks, which will affect their attack, defense and also their HP.

The Class and levels kind of reminds you of the system used in Ragnarok Online. You can level your class and job individually, you start up as a Novice and you can get "Acolyte", "Fighter", "Ranger", "Mage", "Merchant" or "Thief". There is no second classes yet, neither different class skills for now, but it's all planned.

This video shows what I like the most in the game. There is a weapon that you can craft with 3 Cobalt Sword, 25 Adamantite Bar and 15 Dead Wood (Item dropped rarely by any dungeon mobs). It is called Crissaegrim, and is insanely fast...Of course, my stats aren't helping much for that.

Basically, all my accessories have +3% melee speed reforges, except my Feral Claws that has +4% melee speed (Add to that the 12% melee speed from the Feral Claws itself). I also wear the Cobalt Armor set, since it is the only one that gives so much attack speed (Except Hallowed, but I'm not there yet) (+12% for the helmet, +15% for the set bonus). The Crissaegrim has Legendary rank, which gives it +10% speed. I've also increased nothing but my attack speed with my status points...And I think thief amplifies the attack speed as well, even if it doesn't really show, but I'm merely speculating on this last one.

Time to juggle some monsters to death.
[Warning, you still will be useless for most bosses]

EDIT : My slow internet took forever to upload this, so sorry if I don't make a better quality video ; I'd be stuck to upload forever if I ever did that.


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