Cop Tells Children Not to Buy Lemonade!





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Published on Aug 27, 2011

10 cent lemonade stand shutdown by 10 cops


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Ford LaBoube
This is the stupidest thing i've ever seen
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Law states that it is illegal to sell anything on Capitol grounds. In this video, even with all the cuts. They were asked more than 6 times to leave the property and were explained the law. It wasn't until they were told they were being placed under arrest that they decided it was time to go. They broke the law, these officers were incredibly nice and patient. These comments just go to show how messed up the young minds of today really are. Laws are placed there to protect and help us. What would've happened if this "freedom" lemonade was spiked with something? All of the innocent people would be hurt. If it weren't for those officers doing their job, things could've gone really badly. It annoys me to see people test the laws like this everyday. You push and push and push these cops until something bad happens. You never want to listen until it's too late...Just be happy that they were as patient as they were. They could've been assholes and slammed you all to the ground and hauled you off with force. Instead they gave you many opportunities to shut it down and leave until finally calmly arresting you. All while you yelled out "stop the force, don't be so violent." You obviously don't know what violence is if you think handcuffing or zip-tying some people is harmful at all.
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Apple Son
so they intentionally sell lemonade on that spot to upset police officers and they complain about getting arrested and being "abused"? They purposely upset police officers to make them look bad?
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NateTheGreat gaming
free country does not mean do whatever you want. "you can't arrest me for murder, its a free country!"
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so... who is the fucking idiot who made a law that you need a PERMIT to sell lemonade in a free country?
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Yea we need backup.... We got 7 20 year old people who are armed with lemonade
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Rosalyn Pieczynski
They're disrespecting cops. Of course this happened! They are not listening to the cops. They deserved to get arrested for that, and selling food (a drink in this case) without a permit. You need a permit to sell food or drinks in the U.S.! I know this was only lemonade, but that's like saying why would you arrest someone who stole 100 dollars of jewelry vs. someone who stole 1000. They both deserve to be arrested! It's not necessarily the size of the crime (it is still a big factor) so much as what the crime was. I hope I just knocked some sense into you people, and I want you to know you were shown up by a 12 year old.
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Garry Berry
You need a permit top sell drinks or foods idiots. It is a safety thing so people do not get poisoned. Nice thing to teach your kids. Great parents here LOL
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As a Law student listening to this all i can here is "I'M getting arrested for illegally selling lemon aid without a permit?! Hand Cuffing people is Kidnapping?!? Pushing a Camera away on Private Property is Assault? Fuck, some people are most stupid then i will ever be able to fathom.
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Marijuana-warrning. lemonade-5 years no parole 😂
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