Donkey Kong 64 Speed Run (100% Completion) Part 2 - Part 1





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Published on Jul 23, 2007

This is a speed run for Donkey Kong 64 on the Nintendo 64. I did not do this speed run. I got it from www.speeddemosarchive.com. I got it for all those Donkey Kong 64 fans out there, and non-fans alike. So please don't accuse me of copyright infringement, or plagurism. Enjoy.

Best 100% time with death abuse: 9:02 by Joe Wiewel on 04.08.06. (the game calls it 101%)

Author's comments:

I have to say that when I joined Speed Demos Archive, I hadn't planned on speedrunning DK64, but I volunteered if the DK64 thread creator didn't want to go through with it. And guess what happened.

This run took me some time to put together. I had to design route plans for each segment, which was made easier by the Nintendo Power Player's Guide I owned. If I didn't own that guide, there was no way I would have attempted this run!

That being said, I think my route plans overall are somewhat decent with the exception of Crystal Caves and some of the DK Isles bananas. My intuition is telling me that Crystal Caves can be improved somehow, and I admit it - I messed up on a few of the DK Isles bananas in the run. I explain what happened in this screw up in the description of the Jungle Japes 2 segment.

As for the ideal route plan for this screw up, what I should have done was NOT go to the DK Isles Snide's after the Frantic Factory segment. (I'll explain in a bit.) Then before I enter Gloomy Galleon, I should have got Chunky's blueprint, in the Gloomy Galleon segment obviously. Before entering Hideout Helm in the Hideout Helm lobby, Tiny should get a golden banana by playing on a saxophone pad - which also makes a Chunky barrel appear on an island. After defeating Hideout Helm, Donkey should get his blueprint in the Hideout Helm lobby, then drop down to Snide's in K.Rool's ship and get his golden banana. (Diddy should also get his golden banana in here as well as the battle crown.) Donkey should be selected again, brought outside and then he should get another golden banana from a switched cage nearby. He should drop down and go into the Gloomy Galleon lobby and Tiny should be selected. After she gets her golden banana in here, Chunky should be selected and taken out and past the banana fairy island. He should capture the banana fairy on the small island, become Hunky Chunky, slam on the X out in the water and go around the island and get the golden banana that results. The Hideout Helm segment should end here.

Honestly, I think the execution of my routes could have been much better, especially the retro games and the battle arenas. I'm sure sub-8:45 is very possible and I would have given it another attempt, but I finished it right before I had to go back to school.

Anyway, onto the run....

Segment 02 - Angry Aztec 1

At the begining of the segment, I hadn't planned on going up to the llama cage, but I had to to get a coin that I missed in the last segment.

I wondered what was going on when the cutscene of the cave opening didn't start right away after the monkey sounds. Apparently, it doesn't work if Donkey's not on the level where the switch is, so I got off. Then after it was over, I was back on the step again. Weird.

When selecting Kongs to feed Scoff (I guess that's the hippo's name.), I got ahead of myself and chose Diddy, so I had to turn around and get Tiny.

When shooting the buzzard carrying Lanky's Golden Banana, he flew just out of range right before the last hit; the game wouldn't let me aim up anymore.

I'm still having a hard time believing that I managed to screw up getting to the top of the building where Diddy's blueprint is.


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