ADON Project - Speedrun 06 - Dimensional Stream Zone 01 - GameMaker Indie Game - 2013





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Published on Dec 14, 2012

Last video before the release!
I make it look like an easy stage but don't be fooled, I tested it 2837 times so far and I assure you, it *is* hard and [Show more]
And this is just the first, introductory level to the last zone, so this is just a sample ;)
Also, this is a speedrun, but ingame you have plenty of time to familiarize with each and every gameplay element, don't worry!

Fullscreen+HD+annotations viewing is recommended.

Sorry in advance if my playthrough is a bit "aggressive" and confusionary, but this is one of the last zones and the game feels very differently when you play it :P

I'm considering to submit the game to Steam (Greenlight) and/or Kickstarter (to improve a few aspects of the game, 0 budget projects have limits! :-/).

I'm probably going to post a video/trailer or a bulletin here on YouTube to announce it to all the subscribers.

Thank you for all the encouragement and constructive criticism I've received so far, it really helped me in being motivated to continue the project and helped the project to make it so far.
So, if you've got more ideas, suggestions, wishes, please put them in the comment section, let me hear what you think or what you would like to find in the game, even a thumbs up is a welcome expression form to support the project!

(feel free to correct any typo you may find, and sorry about them ^_^")

FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/pages/Adon-Pr...
GOOGLE+ https://plus.google.com/1151076287105...
WEBSITE/devlog: http://www.adonproject.com (not yet ready)
TWITTER http://twitter.com/NeatWolf (developer's - frequently updated)
TWITTER http://twitter.com/AdonProject (game profile - only sparse and important news)

►What is this video about?
This is the 27th level of the little retro-inspired platformer I've been developing with no team for about 18-20 months, it's about 3000-3500 hours of work at the moment. Yes, I spent more than 1% of my whole life on it ;)

I coded it, I drew every single piece of it (but a few ones that I'm going to replace), found the right sound effects, soundtracks, edited/mixed everything and of course tested it.

►What's the game about?
It's about guiding A.D.O.N., a robotic ninjia, to fix a multidimensional anomaly. It's a pretty straightforward platformer, and a big mashup of Sonic, Shinobi, Strider, Megaman and Abuse. Features a level up system, a tech tree for the main character, and lots of special actions like walljump, wallrun, and, in this video, spacefloat as well! Watch the other videos to discover something more, I'm still working on it! ;)

►What's new in this zone, compared to others in ADON?
Well, I spent about 4-6 months just on this zone, and it is meant to be the hardest one.
You'll find insta-killing mines, insta-killing lasers, insta-killing space void, insta-killing spaceship engines, insta-killing crushing walls, and lots of other instakilling fun stuff :P
It's still fast. I tested it really lots of times to ensure it is as smooth to play as possible.
I tweaked the background, enemies and projectiles to stand out. I tried to find the correct balance between a dramatic lightning and enjoyable gameplay.
Also, the in-game quality is higher since the recording software ate quite a lot of the processing power and the game automatically scales effects to keep a good compromise between special FX and speed.
And, it's fully animated. It really took me a LOT of time to render all the graphical part here, not to talk about testing enemies (the spider in particular), and tying to figure out what could be added and what could be left out.
You're getting a new level specific move: the spacefloat/dimensional warping. By breaking the spacetime continuum ADON is able to fly by entering a few dimensional nexuses. So do enemies :P
Fast and deadly, the next Dimensional Stream levels will build up the necessary climax to face the ultimate menace.
I'll do my best to make a nice challenge. An hard to beat and epic one :)
And then, I'll start adding a few elements that will improve its longevity. While still keeping it simple.

►"I have questions!" or "I have a tip for you!"
Just leave a comment, I'll answer/read it with pleasure. :)

Thanks for watching/reading!
If you liked the video/project don't forget to thumbs up/share it :)

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