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Published on May 2, 2012

This is our way of prepping for the AP US History test comming up (: Our teacher, Mr. Armstrong always emphasizes the use of the timeline, so inorder to keep our dates on track we put it in the easiest form for us to memorize! Hopefully this helps anyone else taking the test as much as it helped us..Yes, we messed up a few times, we aren't perfect but OH WELL haha this is also my second channel so yeah first video up !


In 1565 Spanish founded Augustine, 1607 the British founded founded Jamestown colony
There were farms in the South and trades up in the north
Then in Massachusetts Bay, the Puritans came forth
1676 Bacon's rebellion, no more...no more indentured servants

Chorus: TimeLine timeline APUSH timeline
This one's for you, Mr. Armstrong~x2

1700's came, the Enlightenment began
In 20 years great awakening was about religion
Bonjour and Shalom was the French and Indian war
It lasted 9 years started 1754
Following the war, no more salutary neglect,
Parliament starts taxing, the civilians reject

~no taxation without representation ( sugar act, stamp act, quartering act, Townsend act, intolerable acts ) x2~

As tensions seem to rise, because of higher pence,
Colonies met to draft the Dec of Indepence.
Revolutionary war, thought we didn't have a chance,
Battle of Saratoga, we got help from the France
Supreme Court was mad, so from behind the pew
Battled Marbury v Madison with Judicial review
Britain wasn't done, they still messed with all our trade,
War of 1812, we had a stalemate
1817 there was this huge panic, out costs were going down and our trade was in havoc

~South still wanted slaves, North still wanted free
So in 1820, we compromised Missouri~
Awakening Part Two happened in 1830,
Formed all these religions for me and you

~Utopian communities ( shakers, Oneida, brooks farm)~ x2

1843, people migrating, on the Oregon trail for opportunity
1846 there was a boarder dispute with the Rio Grande, in the Mexican-American Waaar..

Chorus: TimeLine timeline APUSH timeline
This one's for you, Mr. Armstrong~x2

Compromise of 1850 was about the slaves,
It was popular sovereignty from the treaty that was made
Wanted a big railroad that stretched across the U.S.
So we made this really small, stupid, useless...purchase
Then bleeding Kansas came in 1854,
Then 1860 brought our sad Civil War
Women came to vote in this association,
This was 10 years AFTER the Chinese exclusion
1896 there was Plessey versus Ferguson, "separate but equal"
I hate segregation
The yellow papers blamed the Spanish for sinking,
Our ship called the Maine, in 1898
In 1917, our First World War began,
They fought with submarines, and a note from Zimmerman
1920's came, women finally got to vote
Then in 1929, our stock sunk like a boat
~1933 New Deal Begins (WPA, Triple C, NIRA, SEC, Triple A)~ x2
In 1941, Pearl Harbor was attacked,
We joined World War 2 and..."got back with the British"
And then in '45, the US chose to drop
Two atomic bombs, just to make Japan stop
Thin in 1950, we helped the Korean War
It involved communism, which we were not for
USSR and US tensions were high
They increased even more when they launched in the sky
1964 starts the Vietnam War
In 1972, SALT 2's finally through

Chorus: TimeLine timeline APUSH timeline
This one's for you, Mr. Armstrong~x2

By: Danielle Joslin and Keilani Trias


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