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  1. Dubstep-Fish out of Water.Newest Dance of the Century!

  2. Crack make me crazy (Music Video)Gnarls Barkley, Crazy Spoof ,Cee lo Green

  3. Baby Hero ,dies and saves four lives.

  4. "My roommate is a monster " Sleep Apnoea is a Bitch.

  5. Dance with "Manbungo 2013",The Warrior,every girls fantasy.Manbungo like.

  6. Dubstep Fish out of Water attacks Asian girls.

  7. "Disco's Prank call Pranks 9 .The Best Prank calls Ever."

  8. The Condom Challenge, Asian Girl vs Discosean21. (中文字幕) 挑戰保險套 亞洲女 vs Discosean21

  9. The Tittie Clap Song and Dance music video.

  10. Chatroulette Racist Test Tuesday funniest Prank ever."I'll kick yo ass"

  11. Funny Fight, World Star Hip Hop Video ! ★Discosean21★

  12. Shaq out jumps Kobe.(Funny comedy video)Spoof,Shaq on TNT with Charles Barkley

  13. (Original) Weed makes ya Lazy.

  14. Tosh.0 stole my "Dubstep Fish out of water"video last night,Comedy Central.

  15. "Stretch Yo Back"Available on iTunes, 40 Chain.Battle of the Wack Rappers 2.(Cent ).

  16. "The Cinnamon Challenge epic fail,did u see the demon in the closet ".

  17. Is"Batman The Dark Knight Rises"better than The Last Exorcism Part II Teaser Trailer?

  18. My message to all the white girls in the world

  19. Chatroulette Racist Test Tuesday 3.? White Power.Racist Pill.

  20. This Chick just dont get it.

  21. Discosean21 Live comedy show."Laugh at,Not with me".

  22. Third world dancing kids"Look at them now".

  23. Chatroulette Racist Test Tuesday.The Racist Test 2.Tease the pony? White Power.

  24. Dubstep Fish out of water Tutorial.

  25. "Made it to Adulthood.Third World Successes.

  26. A New Beginning 2013.

  27. Blue Streak Pizza delivery man does"The Harlem Shake".

  28. (Song and dance)Girls don't like me they say I'm ugly.

  29. The Harlem Shake v123,Third World Success.

  30. Chatroulette Racist Test Tuesday.22(Special Edition).

  31. Discosean21,Performs "Live"@ Havana House Alhambra.Crack make me Crazy,

  32. Dubstep killed Fish out of Water in the house..

  33. (I'm Funken Buff 2 Rawwwwwww)40 Chain the Wack Rapper..

  34. (I Love My Grass)Do you love grass like I do?

  35. Fish out of water in the house..

  36. Never leave Dad home alone.(Starring Manbungo)

  37. Kimbo Slice vs Big Shaq O'Neal

  38. My Youtube views are going down,Youtube is Jerking us around.

  39. Baby girl you just like yo daddy.

  40. Manbungo Trolls Kid on Chatroulette for 2013.

  41. RIP Baby Discosean21.Four Year Anniversary.

  42. Song,"I wanna be your Friend with Benefits".

  43. Big Booty Bitches KKK Manbungo mix.(Official Spoof parody Video)"Booty Pop"

  44. "Chatroulette Bad ass Tattoo Freak out".

  45. "Youtuber Discosean21 & Baby Sean, Makes National Enquirer"Please Donate your Organs,it Saves lives.

  46. PS3 PS4 Hacked... Again!-Im fighting PlayStation Network hacker.PSN HACKED AGAIN PSN Down 7/01/13

  47. "Amazing Baking Soda And Vinegar Challenge Fail!"

  48. Get your booty on the floor and dance.Terry Crews look a like.50 Cent - Stretch

  49. Best interview ever !"Discosean21 & Miguel Gonzalez".Baltimore Orioles Pitcher. Crazy,Funny.

  50. Chatroulette Racist Test Tuesday.The Racist Test 2.Tease the pony? White Power.

  51. "I'M NAKED !""I'M NAKED !""I'M NAKED !""I'M NAKED !""I'M NAKED !"

  52. "Banana And Sprite Challenge,Challenge".

  53. "You Da Man,Miguel Gonzalez Baltimore Orioles Pitcher".

  54. "Worlds best gaming system ever".

  55. Disco's Prank call Pranks 5."Timeshare".

  56. Me telling my son I am gay-LIVE.

  57. (Barack Obama) A dance tribute to Michael Jackson.Vote for me again.2012,Spoof

  58. "The scariest Cinnamon Challenge freakout ever"on the news.

  59. chatroulette Racist Test Tuesday 18 & Propranolol,pill that stops Racism.

  60. 50 Tyson vs 40 Chain Battle of the Wack Rappers Remix

  61. Discosean21 Hospitalized after birth of his child.

  62. Disco's Prank call Pranks 6"These bad ass kids".

  63. Chatroulette Racist Test Tuesday 20,2012.

  64. "Funny Epic Salt and Ice Challenge Fail"

  65. Manbungo enters the Olympics Break Dancing competition,London 2012 or 2016 Brazil

  66. Chatroulette Racist Test Tuesday 19,2012.

  67. Olympics-Break Dance competition(London 2012 ) or 2016 Brazil - Rio de Janeiro or someday..

  68. Big Black Fish Style. Parody of "PSY - GANGNAM STYLE Dance".

  69. RIP Baby Discosean21.Four Year Anniversary.

  70. Update on Tosh.0 stole my "Dubstep Fish out of water"video last night,Comedy Central.

  71. Dad is home alone again.

  72. Lynwood ,bet you did'nt see this coming !

  73. Indiegogo Campaign Video "Laugh at me,not with me".

  74. Chatroulette,What The Heck are they laughing at ?

  75. Chatroulette Racist Test Tuesday on a Thursday.

  76. Wil you guys PLEASE be in my new video

  77. RAYDIO-Ray Parker Jr.going to school.wmv

  78. [Deleted Video]

  79. Jack And Jill - Ray Parker, Jr. & Raydio (1978)