1. 21

    "Elsa's Braid Hairstyle" (Hair Tutorial) Inspired by Disney's Movie "Frozen"

  2. 22

    How to Set Your Hair with Hot Rollers, Wavy Curls

  3. 23

    Angled Bob, Disconnected Haircut (Hair Tutorial)

  4. 24

    How to Texture and Thin Dry Hair with Scissors (Hair Tutorial) Precision Haircutting

  5. 25

    Halo of Blonde Highlights (Hair Tutorial) Grey Blending

  6. 26

    How to do a Bob Haircut, Chin Length

  7. 27

    Reviews! Schwarzkopf Essensity No-Ammonia Permanent Color, Igora, Ion, and Meet Mimi my New Dog!

  8. 28

    Cascading French Braid (Hair Tutorial)

  9. 29

    Side Swept Bangs (Hair Tutorial) Angled Fringe Haircut

  10. 30

    How to Touch-up Highlights with a Base Bump, Blonde on Blonde

  11. 31

    Touch Back by: Colormark (Review) "Temporary Hair Color" to Cover Your Grey

  12. 32

    Highlights and Lowlights (Hair Tutorial) Carmel, Natural Looking

  13. 33

    How to do Bayalage Highlights, Ombre, Free Hand Technique

  14. 34

    "Locks of Love" (Part 2) Bob Haircut, Long to short (Hair Tutorial)

  15. 35

    "Locks of Love" (Part 1) Highlights and Lowlights to Blend the Grey (Hair Tutorial)

  16. 36

    Short Layered Womens Haircut (Hair Tutorial) Razor and Point Cutting Technique

  17. 37

    Ombre' Hair Color, Red with Blonde Ends (Hair Tutorial) Beveling Technique

  18. 38

    Twisted Updo (Hair Tutorial)

  19. 39

    Asymmetrical Updo with a Dutch Braid Headband (Hair Tutorial) Inside Out French Braid

  20. 40

    How to do a Keratin Protein Smoothing Treatment

  21. 41

    How to use Dry Shampoo: Biotera Dry Shampoo Review (Great for Sensitive Skin)

  22. 42

    How to do Ombre' Hair Color

  23. 43

    Asymmetrical Haircut, Medium Length (Hair Tutorial) Razor and Texture

  24. 44

    Asymmetrical Updo with Headband and Wrap Around French Braids (Hair Tutorial)

  25. 45

    Wrap Around Waterfall French Braid with Flat Iron Curls (Hair Tutorial)

  26. 46

    Highlights and Lowlights on my Own Hair (Hair Tutorial)

  27. 47

    V-Back, Long Layered Haircut, Face Framing (Hair Tutorial)

  28. 48

    Up-do Hairstyle (Hair Tutorial) High Up in Curls

  29. 49

    Layered Bob Haircut with Texture (Hair Tutorial)

  30. 50

    How to do Golden Blonde Highlights on Natural Red Hair: Thick and Chunky

  31. 51

    Long Layered Haircut (Extra long Layers) "Hair Tutorial"

  32. 52

    Babyliss 1 1/2" Tutanium Curling Iron Review with Big Wavy Curl Hair Tutorial

  33. 53

    Long Layered Haircut, Fine Textured Hair: Hair Tutorial

  34. 54

    Copper Hair Color Low Lights and Highlights: Hair Tutorial

  35. 55

    Long Layer Haircut with Graduation: Hair Tutorial

  36. 56

    Highlights and Lowlights on Golden Blonde Hair: Hair Tutorial

  37. 57

    Short Layered Haircut, Pixie-cut "Hair Tutorial" Razored and Textured

  38. 58

    "Sultra's 'the seductress' Flat Iron" Review with How to Get Wavy, Sultry Curls "Hair Tutorial"

  39. 59

    Layered Graduated Bob: Hair Tutorial: Stacked Bob, Razor Cut

  40. 60

    How to Create Angel Hair with Hair Tinsel and Foam Rollers

  41. 61

    Tint Back with Peek A Boo Highlights: Hair Tutorial

  42. 62

    Caramel Color Partial Highlights on Medium Brown, Virgin Hair (Hair Tutorial)

  43. 63

    Long Layer Haircut on Curly Wavy Hair: Hair Tutorial

  44. 64

    How to do a Updo on Curly Hair: Twirl and Diffuse into Two Ponytail, Low Bun Style

  45. 65

    Bohemian Long and Loose Asymmetrical French Braid: Hair Tutorial: Easy and Quick

  46. 66

    Medium-Long Layered Haircut: Hair Tutorial

  47. 67

    Full Head of Blonde Highlights with Foils on Long Hair: Hair Tutorial: Blonde on Light Brown

  48. 68

    "Jennifer Aniston's 2011 Haircut Inspired" Medium Length, Graduated, Layered Bob: Hair Tutorial

  49. 69

    How to do a Kids Haircut: Little Boys Hairstyle: Clipper Cut Over Comb

  50. 70

    Waterfall French Braid: Hair Tutorial: Easy Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

  51. 71

    Bohemian Style Fishtail Braid: Hair Tutorial: Easy, Quick

  52. 72

    Messy Asymmetrical Updo with a Waterfall Braided Twist: Hair Tutorial

  53. 73

    Long Layer Modern Shag Haircut: Hair Tutorial: Thin and Texturize to Decrease Bulk

  54. 74

    Messy Asymmetrical Low Bun Updo Hairstyle with Frontal French Braid: Hair Tutorial

  55. 75

    "Locks of Love" Long to Short, Graduated Bob, Razor Haircut: Hair Tutorial

  56. 76

    How to Apply Your Own Feather Hair Extensions

  57. 77

    "Kate Middleton Inspired" Half Up Half Down Hairstyle: Hair Tutorial

  58. 78

    Two French Braids into One Asymmetrical Wrap Around Braid: Hair Tutorial

  59. 79

    Mens Clipper Cut: Clipper Over Comb: Hair Tutorial

  60. 80

    Two Tone Hair Color: Blonde on Brown: Hair Tutorial

  61. 81

    "Taylor Swift Inspired" Shoulder Length Spiral Curls: Hair Tutorial

  62. 82

    How to do a Dry Haircut: Long Layers, Point Cutting: Haircut Tutorial

  63. 83

    How to Color Your Hair a FIRE RED: Bright and Vibrant

  64. 84

    How to do a Women's Short Layered Haircut "Pixie Cut" Spiky and Textured

  65. 85

    Medium Length Updo with Loose, Wispy Curls: Simple, Easy: Hair Tutorial

  66. 86

    How to do a Flower Girl Bridal Hairstyle: Braided with Flowers and Spiral Curls

  67. 87

    How to do a Half Up and Half Down Hairstyle: Big Wavy Curls

  68. 88

    How to Blow Dry and Flat Iron Curly Hair Straight

  69. 89

    How to Blow Dry Your Long Layered Hair Using 4 Round Thermal Brushes

  70. 90

    How to do a Long Layer Haircut

  71. 91

    How to Shampoo Hair Color Out and How to Get the Dye off Your Skin

  72. 92

    How to Color (Dye) Your Hair Red

  73. 93

    How to Apply a Pink Human Hair Extension: Beaded Strand by Strand Method

  74. 94

    How to do Thick, Chunky Highlights with Foils

  75. 95

    How to Apply a Feather Hair Extension

  76. 96

    How to do an A-Line Bob Haircut: Scissor Over Comb

  77. 97

    How to do Strawberry Blonde, Red Hair with Blonde Highlights

  78. 98

    How to Get the Brassy Tones Out of Your Hair Color

  79. 99

    Asymmetrical Haircut with Layers and Texture: Hair Tutorial: Razor Cut

  80. 100

    How to Color (Dye) Your Hair Dark Brown Like a Professional

  81. 101

    How to go from Blonde Highlights to Red Auburn Highlights: Hair Color Toners

  82. 102

    How to do an Asymmetrical Haircut: Razor Haircutting: Final Results (Part 3 of 3)

  83. 103

    How to do an Asymmetrical Haircut: Razor Haircutting (Part 2 of 3)

  84. 104

    How to do an Asymmetrical Haircut: Razor Haircutting (Part 1 of 3)

  85. 105

    How to do a Twist-out: Cute Crimped Style Curls (Hair Tutorial)

  86. 106

    How To Cut Side Swept Hair Bangs (Fringe) Using a Razor

  87. 107

    How To Do Perfect Ponytails That Will Last All Day: Girls Hairstyles

  88. 108

    How To Curl Your Hair With Velcro Rollers: Big Wavy Curls: Final Results (Part 2 of 2)

  89. 109

    How To Do A Low Updo Hairstyle: Long Hair With Wedding Veil

  90. 110

    How To Curl Your Hair With Velcro Rollers: Big Wavy Curls (Part 1 of 2)

  91. 111

    How to Blow Dry Your Long Layer Haircut: Paddle Brush

  92. 112

    How to Cut Long Face Framing Layers using a Razor

  93. 113

    How To Do a Cute Hairstyle for Curly (Wavy) Hair: Twirl and Diffuse

  94. 114

    How To Get Pretty Curls for a Special Occasion (Part 2 of 2)

  95. 115

    How To Get Pretty Curls for a Special Occasion (Part 1 of 2)

  96. 116

    How To Highlight Your Own Hair With Foils

  97. 117

    How To Do Highlights and Lowlights (Part 2 of 2)

  98. 118

    How To Do Highlights and Lowlights (Part 1 of 2)

  99. 119

    How To Do Brown Hair Color With Blonde Highlights: (Part 2 of 3)

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