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Published on Aug 25, 2012

Had some sick shots this game, also talked about PS3/Xbox again lol. No more of this talk after this video, I hope :D

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If you have host on Xbox you have the easiest time killin people. Same thing. PS3 just might have a larger casual weekend players than Xbox
Ohh Dang Thats Nice
Having a ps3 doesn't affect your connection what affects your connection is you Internet router and being able to connect to host. When your host on ps3 and someone has a bad connection your the one lagging. Just throwing that out there and I guarantee someone is going to bitch about my grammar or some other stupid shit because they don't want to acknowledge the fact that I'm right. Nice shots marksman btw.
Max Polidori
Hey nick. I just wanted to say that it's a really good feed back from you, that you always 95% of the time that you will write back and keep them updated!
You guys are full of shit. Ppl are just as good on each console. And just because you get into a noob lobby without rep or recon doesn't mean shit. Gtfo with your trash ass Xbox, BLURAY BITCH
Shouty Klan
its because most ps3 people dnt have headsets n xbox people do
ppl r finally using sitrep? ive been telling all my friends its awesime, glad to see it finally catching in
I've gotta say, my brother plays PS3 and I play xbox. One day he asked me to play a few games to boost his k/d and I agreed to do so. I had an average of 50+ kills with less than 5 deaths for 10 straight games while playing domination and I run specialist. In S&D I rarely died with 10+ kills every game. I don't play PS3 and it only took a few games to get used to the controls but after that it was a walk through the park. I don't know about anyone else but I notice a major skill difference. 
But hell, that's from my experiences. It's different for other people though.
The connection on PS3 for me is fine most of the time I play, it's mostly when the frames drop that messes up the hit detection, I have a good connection so I know it's not me when I'm playing, and if or when I die I'm not going to blame it on connection, if you messed up your aim, it's your fault you died. I've found CoD on xbox not that much better either in my opinion from playing. It's just a bad game. But for some reason I do like watching people play it.
Charles Lara
I have actually played both and he is rite on everything but u do ocassionaly see people who know how to play and use good perks
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