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Published on Aug 31, 2012

An insightful look into the rules parents make up for their children and the possible ways of keeping a child inline.

Establishing a clearly defined set of house rules makes it easier for your children to align their behavior with your expectations. It also makes it easier to use consistant discipline strategies.

The first step for creating rules is to not create too many rules.

It's difficult for children with their underdeveloped brains to formalize a list of rules. Rather establish a series of guidelines that are vage and open ended.

Like be kind,

and always use good judgement.

making rules that are vauge and open ended leave you the respondsable parent unlimited flexability in exacting weird punishments on your children at any time randomly.

Use positive langage:

Instead of "Don't call one another names," try "Be kind to one another."
Instead of "Don't mess with other people's stuff," try "Respect others' belongings."
Instead of "Don't run in the house," try "Use walking feet indoors."
Let your kids help write the rules:

Giving the kids a chance to participate in writing a list of rules will increase their sense of ownership and their willingness to follow the rules. Also, you get the added bonus of fucking with their little heads when you start beating them for the rules they invented....

here is a sample of rules that will improve you household bunches.

Family Rules:

Treat one another as you'd like to be treated.
Use an "indoor voice" when we're inside.
Use "walking feet" in the house.
Use your manners.
Do your best.
Final summation: The rules I had growing up were unspoken and I was never disciplined as a child either, but i think that had more to do with being raised by single mother then being a good kid... Ultimately keen thrust for knowledge, weak sense of self preservation and the desire to beloved made me who i am today. Creating vague family rules will not fix your problem child, but putting them up for adoption will or was that unconditional love.. hmm either giving them up for adoption or unconditional love i don't know.

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