Fatima and Third Secret Exposé 7/11: Commentary on Fr. Gruner’s Meeting with the Russian Embassy





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Published on Aug 27, 2016

The Russian Embassy meeting with Fr. Gruner could be the catalyst of a set of events that will ultimately change world history. It definitely has that potential because, as Our Lord taught, one of the largest of trees grows from one of the smallest seeds (the mustard seed). Cf. Matthew 13: 11-12, 31-32.

In this video, I give commentary on Fr. Gruner’s meeting with the Russian Embassy to the Holy See (00:26).

Following this will begin a series of interesting clips that will touch on what has been discussed so far in this video series, particularly regarding Putin and Russia in recent times. The first of these clips is a video of Putin talking about the global elite (05:21). In this talk, Putin says, among other things, “The domination by one country and its allies, or the term I prefer to use are ‘satellite states’, has resulted in the imposition of niche values across the globe, while portraying them as universal human values. The ambitions of this group have become so grandiose, that their very narrow interests are presented as the interests of all of humanity. This is not so.” He talks about the abuse of power of certain groups and countries and how the imbalance of power is a serious problem for global security. At the end of his talk he says, “I urge you to try and prove my thesis wrong.” No one can because, as St. Thomas Aquinas taught, “contra factum non argumentum est”: against a fact there is no argument.

Another clip shows Putin talking about his loyalty to his people and to his country (10:25).

Fr. Malachi Martin, Ph.D., discusses how Russia and Kiev are part of the final solution to the world problems we are in (10:57). Fr. Malachi said, even as far back as the 1990s, “[…] That would take me too far afield into papal secrets why Russia and Kiev are involved in the final solution to this problem. But they are. They are part and parcel; and it’s purely and simply God’s choice, like He chose the Jews to bring His Son into the world through them. He makes choices. He has His own favorite solutions to things. I wouldn’t have chosen the Russians or Kiev or the East for salvation, but salvation is going to come from the East for us all.”

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